Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Wolf Wants Curves by Arwen Rich

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This 5200-word book only took me maybe fifteen minutes to read so its short and sweet and good for playing catch up if you are behind in your reading challenge, that maybe all I can say that is positive not sure yet still working on the thoughts here ;)

The big icky in this book was the word 'snatch', I mean really? I see that I am think sleazy hookers or 1920's gangsters (I think they used that term in gangster movies). Sorry, that word is probably the stupidest word I have ever heard used in reference to the vagina.

And the sex scenes really didn't inspire me to go pouncing on my husband or anything, they sort of just left me bored.

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Book's Blurb
The curvy Helen is left howling with pleasure after a night with a sexy werewolf...

Helen is used to stifling her attraction towards hot guys. They never seem to feel the same way. But when she meets the sexy, muscular Mark, the attraction is too intense to ignore.

And when he daringly rescues her from a pack of wolves and reveals a more animalistic side of himself, she discovers that the desire is mutual...

Published December 3, 2013
Publisher Arwen Rich
Pages 20
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