Friday, July 4, 2014

Sage's Story (The Town of Pearl #5) by Dixie Lynn Dwyer

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I half expected book 5 of  The Town Of Pearl series to start out just like the past books, boy, was I surprised that it did not. Instead it actually started out in Pearl and only got as far a Dallas and Corpus Cristi. Dixie also took the time to age the characters four or five years and add some children to her characters from previous books. And Sage was first introduced in book 3 as a sixteen/seventeen year old escapee of an orphanage in Detroit and she is now twenty-two. Another difference is that Sage isn't running from anything but she is very bottled up, poor thing. Maintaining the flow of the world that is the Town of Pearl through such a long series must take a lot of work as you write and I commend Dixie for her consistency and attention to detail which makes this series so readable.

Also, like the rest of the series addresses a serious issue that women, children and sometimes men face. In this book the issue is human trafficking and although there are not always happy endings in real life I am grateful that Dixie created a happy ending. 

My only complaint for Sage's Story  is that like her other books she doesn't give us as much information about the male character as she does the female characters. We get to know the women very well; we know what their lives were like and why they came to Pearl. But we get very little about the men sure they were in the military and what their jobs are, but that is the superficial stuff and of course they love their woman beyond all reason :)

Still in all a very thought provoking piece of fiction about a real life out of control issue in our world today.

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Book's Blurb:
Sage Jones is an adrenaline junky. The rush keeps her heart hollow and allows her that slight sensation of feeling an emotion. She’s blocked off everyone, yet pretends to be just one of the girls. Until four sexy, hot men penetrate her heart, make her feel things that scare her, arouse her, and show her that not all men cause pain. She’s one tough woman, well trained by her family members, and it comes in handy one night when someone tries to abduct her.
Virgo, Dale, Quaid, and Matt London break down her defenses and show her that by their side is right where she belongs. But they're not the only ones interested in Sage, and it’s too late when they realize the one they are hunting was amongst them, and someone they trusted in the town of Pearl.
Can the men get to her in time, or will Sage end up losing the battle once and for all?

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