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Texas Twist (Texas Montgomery Mavericks #4) by Cynthia D'Alba

Cash Montgomery, a two time PBR Champion is injured during his attempt at a third win. Feeling like a loser he makes his way home via the bottom of a whiskey bottle. Travis lets him moved into the old house on Whispering Springs ranch in the hopes that it will help Cash find himself. When Cash wakes up he finds that he isn't the only person living in the house.

Paige Ryan's life finally has a direction and she has a plan which will earn her a third degree, this time as a Nurse Practitioner. In the mean time her friend, Caroline is letting move in to her Uncle's house on Whispering Springs Ranch. She just gets the placed cleaned up and learns she has an unwanted roommate, and he is none other than the man her broke her heart on her eighteenth birthday.

I really loved learning that Mitch and Olivia were still going strong and found that I now want to go back and reread that book and especially since I learned there are more books in the series. There characters seemed larger than life and it was very enjoyable watch Paige and Cash go back and forth and I hope that there will be more books. My two favorite scenes were the fight scene between Cash and Travis and then the scene where Paige rubs out the cramp in Cash's leg hahaha.

Favorite Quotes:
“I mean, after all that afternoon loft activity.”--Travis

Real bad boys can grow up to be real good men.

Hit hard by the death of her parents, Paige Ryan needs to figure out what to do with her life. She moves to Whispering Springs, Texas, to be near her step-brother. But just as she starts to get her life on track, the last man she ever wanted to see again sends it right back off the rails.

Cash Montgomery was on the cusp of having it all. Three bull riding titles, fame, fortune and respect from his family. Until a bad bull leaves him injured, angry and searching for comfort at the bottom of a bottle. With nowhere to go, he moves into his sister-in-law’s old ranch house in Whispering Springs—which he’s surprised to find already occupied.

As Cash rebuilds the dilapidated home and Paige starts out on her medical career, their old friendship begins to reemerge and sparks are ignited. Paige knows that Cash is nothing but a heartache waiting to happen. But maybe this bad boy has grown up to be a real good man?

Warning: Watch out for falling lumber, falling in holes, and falling for the wrong guy…again. You can leave your hard hat on.

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Before I decide one way or the other, I want to make sure we’re clear on a few points. We have no future. There is no us. No long-term happy-ever-after. This isn’t a fairy tale, Paige. It’s real life.” He hated sounding so hard, so brusque, but she had to understand he had nothing to offer her. “If we do this, it’s just sex. Not making love or any other pretty label you might want to put on it. If it lasts through the summer, fine. We’ll go our separate ways when you leave for school. If either of us wants out before then, it’s over. No questions. No tears. No regrets.” 

Award winning author Cynthia D’Alba was born and raised in Arkansas. After being gone for seventeen years, she’s thrilled to be back home living on the banks of an eight-thousand acre lake. When she’s not reading, writing or plotting, she’s doorman for her two dogs, cook, housekeeper and chief bottle washer for her husband and slave to a noisy, messy parrot. She loves to chat online with friends and fans