Friday, December 5, 2014

Boss Overboard by Claire Gillian

Heat Rating

I was given Boss Overboard for an honest review by Manic Readers

Lydia Johnson's boss sent her message telling her she was going on a cruise as a secret shopper, something she hasn't done for three years. The cruise leaves in three days and Oh yeah she will be taking a trainee with her.  Paul makes her want things but she isn't willing to jeopardize her job for fling.

J. P. Theriot's cruise ship is getting substandard reviews and he want to know why. His plan is to go in as a trainee, Paul Thomas. He knows his lack of education can sometimes be a problem but he has surrounded himself with the best people, that's where Lydia comes in, by all reports she is the best secret shopper his company has and not only intends to get to the bottom of why his cruise ship is failing but prove Lydia is the best. He didn't expect to fall for her and she isn't making it easy for him.

Boss Overboard needs some minor editing because I found a few sentence missing words and the story line was pretty boring. I did think that the characters were well developed and written but I spent most of my time asking "Am I done yet?" I think the best part of the whole book was when Paul was telling Lydia what he would with her once he got her into bed, but once he got her there it was just ok.

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I think mention the ex-fiancé was a bit of a waste but other than that it is well written and fits the story line.

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