Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Uncommon Passion by Anne Calhoun

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I was given Uncommon Passion for an honest review by Manic Readers

Rachel Hill lived a very shelter religious life in a place where her opinion meant nothing because she was a woman. She gave up her only living relative to find her own dream. She is ready to experience all life has to offer including the pleasure to be found with a man. That is where Ben Harris comes in. Purchasing Ben in the auction, he will be the perfect man to take her virginity from her and he probably wouldn't even notice.

Uncommon Passion's cover is definitely an eye catcher for Uncommon Passion and the blurb sold me on getting this book for review.  I opened the cover and was very glad this book was in exchange for a review. No matter how I tried I was unable to connect with story line that was boring and uneventful except the bedroom scenes; although I was able to connect with the characters and that helped me to finish Uncommon Passion. I did end up skipping through large parts to find good parts so I am not even sure I can honestly count this one as read.

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