Saturday, December 27, 2014

Zara's Second Chance (One More Time #1) by Mya Larose

Heat Rating

Zara Miller considers herself a full figured woman who had a disastrous relationship with her first boyfriend; and add to that she has a mother who can resist making her feel bad about her weight. When she is accidently ran over by her hotty of a next door neighbor he becomes her fantasy man when she whips out her battery powered boyfriend. She is sure he wouldn't want a woman like her so she avoids him. But with her best friend egging her on she decides to quit running and give him a chance.

Peter Adames has it real bad for his sexy next door neighbor but she won't even give him the time of day. Then one morning he discovers he is out of coffee, now all bets are off and he is going to borrow coffee from her and make his move.

Over all I did like Zara's Second Chance's main characters and the bedroom scenes were certainly rockin' out he steam. The main character were well written but I am wondering what Mya could do with it, if she ever decided to expand the story to add more suspense when it came to the stalker, especially since the story was so focused on Zara and Peter is seemed like the stalker aspect was just tossed in for a touch of drama but it wasn't. I think Claire's involvement should have been a bit more prominent to add that drama and that Peter should have sensed she was stalking him.

I would have probably given Zara's Second Chance a three star rating but unfortunately there were enough editing issues that I can only give her a two star rating but if Mya ever decided to update and fix those edits I will be more than happy to re-evaluate this story.

Mya, please don't take this as I don't like Zara's Second Chance because I actually do like the story line, instead take it as I know you can make it better.

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I don't think the woman fits the story line

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Curvy Zara Miller always knew something or someone was missing in her life. She needed a man who could appreciate her figure and who she could rely on to be there for her. Slowly she fell under Peter Adames's spell and soon her body burnt with a need she thought she didn't have. She knew only he could satisfy her deepest desire. However, she hid her love for him until she could trust him.After suffering through a bad relationship where her ex picked on her "weight" issue. She didn't know he was already determined to make her his own. His desire to have Zara's curvy body beneath his reached the breaking point. The uncertainty in her eyes tugged at Peter's heart. He had to convince Zara that he was the right man for her. When he had her in his bed, he planned to keep her there until the past evil struck. Could Peter convince Zara his feeling towards her was true? Or would the tragic event kill their last chance for love?