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Pre-Order Today: Max and Carla are back in Extinction Event and Fire Ice by John Day

Extinction Event

Available on July 2, 2015

Rescued on a mountain road in Italy by Max Fortune, Carla Day involves him in her life of excitement and danger. He becomes hooked on the wealth and glamor surrounding her guardian, known as the Duke, who controls a shadowy business empire. The manipulative Duke uses the steadying influence of Max to tame and protect the wayward girl. He employs Max & Carla on simple missions, as couriers and trouble-shooters for the business. The pair are trouble magnets and adrenalin junkies who face unexpected danger when things invariably turn nasty.
A crashed aircraft, ancient artifact, and mercenaries in the African jungle, a tomb, and nuclear waste in Egypt, treasure from a shipwreck and a hijacked submarine are but a taste of what they encounter.
Along the way, Max has to face heartbreak and Carla’s past comes back to haunt her. Will life ever give them a break?

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Teaser 1
Driven by blind terror, Rubin turned and dived towards the small hole in the wall leading out of the tomb, into the tunnel. The coarse sandstone floor tore open the flesh on his hands and knees, but he felt nothing. Halfway through the hole, the decorative belt of his jacket snagged, holding him back like someone had grabbed it. With the superhuman strength of terror, he scrabbled free and ran headlong up the tunnel. The torchlight formed chasing, grabbing shadows, coming after him. Still running, he looked behind and drove the shadows back, with the waving beam.

Teaser 2
In an instant the rock face loomed into view, the closing angle was quite steep, about 45 degrees, much worse than he hoped. A quick twist of the joystick grip caused the sub to start to turn away, but would it be enough? Closer and closer, the rock came. The smooth but horizontally ridged surface became clearer and detailed with every second. It would be touch and go, without a doubt.
Still the slowly turning sub closed on the rock. It was then that Max knew they were not going to make it, he could only sit there and brace himself as he watched the inevitable.

Fire Ice

Available in October

The second book in the series continuing the action packed adventures of Max & Carla, with cunning and resourceful characters fighting to survive a nightmare of danger and challenges.

Rescued from the erupting volcano in his previous mission, Max is captured by the CIA as a suspected terrorist. His ingenious escape enables him to avenge the death of a murdered woman.
Carla has to help a woman engineer escape from the notorious Pul-e-Charkhi prison in Afghanistan. Chased and captured by the Taliban, she and Max make their captors the flavor of the month.
The Bermuda Triangle is the focus for mysterious happenings. They have to investigate. Is it fraud, accident or the end of civilization?
An entrepreneur raises a fortune to finance the answer to global warming and the world energy crisis. Can Max, Carla James (Max’s son) & Amy (Carla’s sister) get the computer records they need and also prevent the sinking of a doomed ship with the crew trapped in the hold.
A favor uncovers a remarkable blackmailer, murders and a plot that is so incredible MI5 dismiss it as a smear campaign. Max and Carla have to go it alone and reveal the culprits for what they are.
But, who is stalking them?

Teaser 1
Then a massive explosion shook the house as a petrol tank exploded on one of the cars. The guards ran towards the garage, raising the alarm.  The vehicle access door had blown off, and flame and smoke belched from the wide opening.
Inside they could see their boss and the boy engulfed in flames. The heat was too intense; the men knew they could do nothing for the victims.
Dan Carson ran out of the house, as a succession of devastating explosions from the other cars, blew out the side wall of the house. This brought down the upper storey, directly over the garage, down onto the inferno.
“Oops! Max muttered to himself “I only meant to blow the bloody doors off!”

Teaser 2
“Remove your clothes, all of them; on the orders of the Commandant, I must search your whole body for weapons, drugs, mobile phones and any other items you are forbidden to bring in here.”
“Fine, but only if a woman searches me,” retorted Carla.
“There is no woman here to do it,” sneered the guard, irked that a girl, challenged him. He would take considerable pleasure in humiliating her now.
“Then I want the man I came with, in here,” she demanded.
“No, he has to stay outside. If you don’t cooperate, you will be arrested and kept in prison, you don’t want that, do you,” he sneered.

About John Day

One of Amazon’s Newest Best Selling Authors

British author John Day moved from the UK to the beautiful Channel Island, Alderney about 10 years ago with his wife, Carole.
Inspired by a dream one night whilst on holiday, perhaps it was the wine maybe the rich food, we shall never know, the sudden desire to write surged through his active loins.
Writing the first book was easy, then came the second, a great improvement and then the third, better still, called Fugitive.
The first two have been rewritten and will be available soon.
This action packed thriller became an Amazon UK best seller after just a few weeks and is still there now in the top 30!
John is an adventurer, a schemer and plotter. He writes at night, when he is asleep!
He has used this problem solving technique all his life, for business and during personal tragedy, when life seemed to have no mercy.
So far, in life and his gripping stories, it has always shown him the answer.
John believes action packed, fast paced thrillers should be crammed with tension and excitement. He says, if you want a great time, why would you want it to stop.
The most recent inspiration for a book took place during a long Pacific cruise at the beginning of this year.
It was the food this time, honestly!
This is when The Glass Beacon was conceived. A WW2 spy story starting and ending in Alderney.
Amongst his other interests are Photography or as he likes to describe himself, a Happy Snapper! His photo website has a remarkably large following.

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