Thursday, November 5, 2015

COVER REVEAL: The Glass Beacon by John Day

AVAILABLE November 15, 2015


A team of spies, 3 men and a woman train in Alderney, C.I. for a top secret mission in London. Even before they leave for the mainland, they are betrayed by Raven to MI5.

Master spy Karl Strom falls deeply in love with Helga, the Oberst's lover. She says she loves Karl but does she, or is she Raven?

Karl's team of misfits, each have their own agenda and love affairs. As the brilliant and ruthless MI5 agents close on them, twists, turns shocks and surprises are revealed.

The obsessive and ruthless Strom completes his official mission and now he must commit the perfect murder. He must right a terrible wrong and in so doing, reveal his true self.

Finally, he must return to Helga and end the Raven, whoever it turns out to be.


This final phase, taking the device and putting it into practice, would be the greatest test for Strom. The F├╝hrer made it very clear at a personal meeting, “Karl, you must not fail me or Germany, we are
depending on you!”


Born in England he spent most of his working life there running his own businesses. In 2005 he and his wife Carole, moved to the beautiful Channel Island of Alderney.

Inspired by a dream one night whilst on holiday, perhaps it was the wine maybe the rich food, we shall never know, the sudden desire to write surged through his active loins.

Like most writers, the first book was easy.

It was a muddled genre actually, a thriller definitely, but with a difference. It was a misjudged attempt to explain how the world had been visited by several genetically engineered scouts who had vampire like abilities. Put like that, no wonder it was dismissed as a muddle. The premise was quite ingenious actually, but most readers did not read past the word vampire. Considering movies like Alien V Predator, it had a well thought out plot. It was during a beta read that it dawned on John, the whole thing had misfired!

The story was reworked and became, simply an action thriller, called Deadly Resolve (was Counterpoint), the first of the Max & Carla series. Reviews averaged 4.5 stars, and not bad for the first published book. That was followed by Fire Ice, a continuation of the series. Although reviewers claimed it was even more thrilling than the first, and that one was hard to put down, it was never published.

The passion for writing had by now become overwhelming and an even better sequel was written, called Fugitive, a BEST SELLER on Amazon. Although the main characters are the same, the first half of the book is dark and gruesome but entirely plausible, if you believe the daily news. The second half is lighter, in a different setting and would make a great thriller just on its own.

The most recent inspiration took place during a long Pacific cruise at the beginning of this year, it was the food this time, honestly! Oddly enough, it is also where the last part of Fugitive takes place. The Glass Beacon is a WW2 spy story with a complete change in characters, writing style and period. This book, The Glass Beacon, will knock your socks off!