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The Aurelian Guard #1
Nicole Elizabeth Kelleher
Releasing March 8th, 2016
Diversion Books

gorgeous, sweeping historical romance will enchant the readers of Deanna
Raybourn, and introduces a wildly talented new voice.

Anna was born of Chevring, a
territory renowned for its valorous war horses, in the kingdom of Aurelia. But
peace reigns, and her family’s fortune has dwindled. Her father brokers an
alliance with the wealthy Lord Roger of Stolweg. The price: his eldest daughter
and the secrets to her family’s once great power. Soon after they are wed,
Roger proves himself cruel and calculating, a harsh lord who sows the seeds of
fear in his people.

He has an ambitious secret, and
nothing will stand in his way. Not his new bride, nor his older brother, heir
to all that he covets. But secrets have a way getting out, and the people of
Stolweg quietly bide their time, coming to love Anna for her noble bravery in
standing up to her scoundrel husband. She will prove the leader they need to
rise up and bring their underground resistance to flourish.

But it is Larkin, a guard of
Aurelia, whose presence brings Roger’s treachery to the forefront, igniting the
spark of war. Larkin comes to Stolweg to investigate Roger for treason against
the realm and ends up giving all of his attention to Anna. For she not only
captures his heart, she may be the only person who can stop the battle that
will tear the kingdom apart.

"Nicole Elizabeth Kelleher's
debut novel Wild Lavender is engrossing right from the prologue
." —B.B.
Haywood, New York Times bestselling author

Anna was starting to believe that all noble-born men were cut from the same cloth. She was tired of being viewed as an object to be owned and used. This man, this Royal Guard, he was just like all of the others, wasn’t he? He saw her skirt—breeches, she corrected herself—and decided there was nothing more of value except for that which was hiding underneath.
Exasperated, she held out her hand. “Let me see your finger. Come now, don’t be afraid. I’ll show you at least half the gentleness that I gave Rabbit.” She masked her true emotions under a shield of ire.
Rabbit snorted, and the guard gave her his hand. She cupped it with her own to better examine his fingertip. There’d been a spark in his dark eyes, and she almost lost herself in his stormy gaze. Could it be him, she thought wildly, the stranger from so many years ago? Her heart beat faster at the thought, her inner turmoil at odds with the practiced expression on her face. His eyes remained steadily fixed on hers; she was first to turn away.
Willing herself to be calm, she took his hand in a stronger grip and forced herself to ignore the strange tingling she felt when their skin made contact. His fingertip was red and swollen. And when she touched the sore, he winced, and his fingers curled back protectively.
“Did you not think to wear gloves?” When he didn’t answer right away, Anna glanced up at him. He was so focused on her hands touching his that he hadn’t even heard her.

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A graduate of the University of Michigan’s College of Literature,
Science and Arts, Nicole Elizabeth Kelleher studied French
Literature and Language, Spanish and Mandarin while concurrently attending
UofM’s Art School. She moved to France and attended the Université Catholique
de l’Œest before relocating to Belgium to complete an internship at a fine arts
and antiques auction house. During this time, she traveled throughout the
countryside of Europe, immersing herself in its history, architecture, and art.
Nicole lives in Northern Virginia with her two children, husband and Tully the