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All Romance Ebooks Is Closing Down It's sites

This afternoon I went to one of my absolute favorite ebook buying sites only to find that the site will be closing down as of December 31. I have been going to this site for years and signed up to be an affiliate to help promote this site and it saddens me that they don't think they can continue into 2017. Today's visit and the news had me trying to get into my wish list, to make a list of the books I had there, only to find it blank and unable to copy the books in that list. Additionally, some of the book links I clicked on are no longer available but my library was accessible so that I could back up what books I have. I hope that they find a last minute miracle and keep the site open but if not I wish them the best and want to thank them so much for providing me with a place to purchase books in various formats.
  All Romance will be missed