Friday, January 6, 2017

January 6, 2017 New Releases

Hey Everyone

Please don't laugh. Yes, I know saying that means that you will do exactly that. So here is what happened. I wanted to check Amazon to see if there were any other new releases, that I didn't receive notice of and sure enough there were several listed so I started clicking on them so I could get the links and what not for this post and when I went to the listing for said book I realized that I had actually purchased them, several in fact so I refunded as many as I could before they directed me to call a number they had posted and then the lady on the phone proceeded to refund some more until she had to pass it on (the last 14 books) to her manager to finish refunding, and I was assured it would be fixed today. I can not believe I did that and the worst part is the grand total of my error was over $100. I can only imagine how that explanation to my husband will go over. Thankfully Amazon is being great about the whole fiasco of my brain freeze and helping me fix it and refund the money back to my account. I can't believe I did that, wish I knew what I was thinking.