Friday, February 10, 2017

Feature Author Friday: John Day

About John Day
John Day left his successful private businesses behind about 4 years ago and took up writing thrillers. It is no surprise that his adventurous nature shows in his fast paced stories, as does the many countries he has visited that often form the background to his gripping plots. Crime pays, and mixed with adventure, this explosive combination lays at the heart of his books. More adventure than Clive Cussler, greater intrigue than John le Carré are the hallmarks of this writer.

His other hobby is creative too, photography. He claims it focuses his mind on everyday things we hardly notice to make them visible again. Story telling in pictures.

Any upcoming release dates
Two new books, Secret Cargo and Unlawful Death in several months time.

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Q & A

(Q) What inspired you to start writing?

(A) I ran out of books that were truly thrillers, so I wrote what I believed they should be.

(Q) What are you currently working on, if you can tell us about it?

(A) The first draft of Secret Cargo has been written and it will be revised and tuned to the best it can be in the coming days. A treasure hunt by less than honest characters, trying to outdo each other.

Unlawful death is the third D.S Penny Britain crime thriller. The London detective sniffs out the big criminals as she follows the trail of corpses left in their wake. That story is being developed now.

(Q) Which book do you think of as your best work?

(A) Spy on Spy, a most unusual WW2 story that will leave the reader believing it actually happened. Actually, it probably did.

(Q) Do you have a favorite book that you have written?

(A) My first book, Extinction Event. Book 1 of the Max & Carla series. It gave me the greatest challenges and certainly the most enjoyment to write.

(Q) Who is your favorite of the characters you created? Why?

(A) Max & Carla. OK that is 2, but they are inseparable in my mind. They are so opposite, yet complement the whole.

(Q) Who of the characters you created do you like the least? Why?

(A) That is not an easy question to answer, because like real people, they are not all bad. If pushed, I would go for John Caplin in Spy on Spy. A lucky individual, full of self doubt who is lacking stiff upper lip and backbone. He is like all of us in many respects, faced with the prospect of dying.

(Q) Do you attend large book signing event with other authors? Where is the next event you are attending?

(A) I live on a small Island and if I am not writing, I am exploring the world. I expect readers would rather read my books than have my autograph.

(Q) Do you sponsor any book events that you want people and other authors to know about?

(A) I read and review other unknown writers books. I also read many of the best sellers and they don't come close to the excellent stories lesser known authors produce.

(Q) Who is your favorite author?

(A) Clive Cussler has kept me entertained for many years. It is a shame he gets other people to write for him. I moved on to Andy McCabe and Chris Ryan. I am not an SAS fan, but their stories are brilliant.

(Q) What is your favorite book?

(A) Eye of the needle, I think.

(Q) What is your favorite series?

(A) Cussler books are my favorite.

(Q) What would you like your readers to know about you that is not in your bio?

(A) I am 72 and time is running out for me. I could be photographing and travelling more, but I spend months of that valuable time writing to please my readers. I am devoted to giving them the best I can come up with, in my unique style.