Friday, April 25, 2014

The Billionaire Rancher Buys a Wife (Wives for the Western Billionaires #2) by Paige Cameron

Heat Rating

I really did like The Billionaire Rancher Buys a Wife and I would have given this book five stars but with this one sentence from Janice “I want a committed relationship, and you want a fling.” Paige Cameron created an inconsistency in the characters personality by having her boink Drake in the back of a limo two months later, on their second date. Why would a woman piss backwards like that after being very firm? And with a known playboy no less?

Since Paige Cameron is one of my favorite authors this book will get a second reading and maybe I will get some enlightenment on this minor inconsistency then.

Book Cover Rating
Steamy cover.

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Book's Blurb
Drake Terrell wins a bid to date Janice Dedrick. He expects a fun fling. She refuses his offer and ends their date early. Drake realizes she means more to him than he thought. He decides to pursue her seriously. Janice has doubts about his sincerity. She gives him an ultimatum: change his career, buy a ranch, and agree to have children before she'll consider him. She's bluffing, never thinking he'd do what she asked. Meanwhile, she receives threatening midnight calls, and accidents, or real threats, begin to endanger her and Drake. Drake calls his brother to help find the person trying to injure or kill them. As their love heats up, so does the stalker's determination. Can this rancher win Janice's heart and save her life?

Published September 14, 2011
Publisher Siren Publishing
Pages 144

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Kissing The Maid Of Honor by Robin Bielman

So I am looking for  new book to read and I just got this one and I sit down to read it and after an hour my brain is numb and I am bored out of my gourd from skipping around because each chapter just went on and on but nothing seemed to happen. Maybe if there was more dialogue, I don't know. The book had a nice flow to it but created way to many yawns on my part and I just could not get turned on by the humdrum people. Not even the goody bags for the bachelorette party turned me on, weird.

I want to apologize to the author because I am sure this is a good book but I honestly just could not get into it.

Book Cover Rating
The Cover is cute

Book Blurb Rating

Book's Blurb
Kissing her best friend's brother never felt so right…

Sela Sullivan is resolved to be the best maid of honor ever, even if it means tolerating the best man. Insufferable, too-handsome Luke Watters is not only the guy who humiliated her at a kissing booth in high school, but he also happens to be her best friend’s older brother. Positive he’s the same arrogant jock, Sela vows to focus on her duties and steer clear of the frustrating—and frustratingly tempting—Luke.

As a world-renowned extreme-sports photographer, Luke is used to undertaking life-risking adventures. But risking his heart for the beautiful Sela Sullivan, who clearly still hates him for his rejection all those years ago? He didn’t see that coming. Sela inspires a passion he’s never known, and the more time they spend together, the more he craves her. But can he prove to the maid of honor he’s become a man of honor?

Published May 13, 2013
Publisher Entangled: Bliss
Pages 236
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