Monday, June 30, 2014

What's Lost in the Dark (Dark Paradise #2) by V. R. Avent

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What's Lost in the Dark was given to me for an honest review by V. R. Avent

The truth finally comes out and the person to set things right was the last person I expected to vindicate Abi, now her family is behind her but they are also wanting to forgive and want her to do the same.

This book starts off in the bedroom where we had last seen the love birds, and continues to get steamy from there. There was a lot of intensity in this book that again made it hard to put down. There weren't as many light hearted moments as things begin escalating between Abi and Zach and her family and we can't forget whoever is tormenting Abi.

You can almost see how the dynamics are starting to change as Abi's family starts to believe her and she finds her voice. I could almost bet Gabe was kicking his own ass all the way home after his last conversation with Abi, lol, serves him right for being a royal jack wagon.

V. R. Avent was able to maintain the integrity of her characters personalities from one book to the next which doesn't always happen in series book like this. I was however hoping to get an idea of who the bad guy is but maybe in the next book.

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Book's Blurb:
Now that Abigail has been lured into a dark paradise, she wants to feast on sweet darkness while fulfilling and exploring her fantasies. But Taylor, Zach's ex, isn't backing down, and neither will Abigail's past. With Taylor's aggressive tendencies jeopardizing their relationship, and Abigail's past surfacing, what will become of Zach and Abi?

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Friday, June 20, 2014

Lured In (Dark Paradise #1) by V. R. Avent

Heat Rating

Lured In was given to me for an honest review by V. R. Avent

Abi has a lot of baggage with her traumatic past and a family that has done nothing but let her down and think that she is the world's biggest liar. Her heart is protected by Fort Knox or at least it was until she met Zach.

Zach has slept with anything that has crossed his path and when Abi comes into his life he wants to be the man she need him to be but his past has created it's own hurtles for the couple to deal with.

Lured In had a great beginning in the dress shop and when Mr. Sexy walked up you could get a sense of Abi's insecurity, especially when it appears clear he want to talk with her. 

            It is a pity that Matt and Carmen weren't really Abi's brother and sister, they clearly would have been better relatives that her own parents prove to be.  Her parent proves the point that some parents should be screened and licensed to become parents.

There were some really great funny parts that had me laughing my back side off while other moments were so intense I was gripping my nook so hard I thought it would break. The bedroom scenes were well written and very steamy. And some really cheesy parts that had me shaking my head like these quotes:

“I want your sweet delight in my mouth and your hard dick deep inside of my tight…wet…pussy.”--Abi

"Me likey"--Zach
I can't picture a grown man actually saying that but it adds to the uniqueness of this book.

This one is my favorite as it is my stock answer when asked how I am :)

The characters were pretty well written and it was easy to connect with them and almost feel their pain especially Abi's since the story is told from her perspective. This brings me to where I want to say, KUDOS for writing the great scene where Abi is telling Zach about her past. She did a great job, it was gut wrenching and I was so near tears hearing Abi's story that I had to stop reading for a bit because it was so intense and to close to home in some ways. There are so many children who tell and the people, who are supposed to protect them, don't do their job and V. R. did a great job of expressing this horrible truth. 

I am only giving Lured In four stars because I really think that there needs to be some more editing because some of the sentences seemed incomplete. Other than that this is a great story and well worth the read. 

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I love this cover's uniqueness

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I thinks blurb is right on the money without giving to much away

Book's Blurb:
Abigail's dark and complex past brings to the surface a lot of mental and emotional barriers. This discourages her from trusting men and enjoying life, which includes going out with friends, meeting new people, and dating and she hasn't had sex in more than three years. That is until she meets Zach, an affluent businessman, who gives Abi a real taste of the darkness. Abi finds herself in a dark paradise with Zach, lusting and devouring every erotic moment, with some bumps and bruises along the way.

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