Monday, June 30, 2014

What's Lost in the Dark (Dark Paradise #2) by V. R. Avent

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What's Lost in the Dark was given to me for an honest review by V. R. Avent

The truth finally comes out and the person to set things right was the last person I expected to vindicate Abi, now her family is behind her but they are also wanting to forgive and want her to do the same.

This book starts off in the bedroom where we had last seen the love birds, and continues to get steamy from there. There was a lot of intensity in this book that again made it hard to put down. There weren't as many light hearted moments as things begin escalating between Abi and Zach and her family and we can't forget whoever is tormenting Abi.

You can almost see how the dynamics are starting to change as Abi's family starts to believe her and she finds her voice. I could almost bet Gabe was kicking his own ass all the way home after his last conversation with Abi, lol, serves him right for being a royal jack wagon.

V. R. Avent was able to maintain the integrity of her characters personalities from one book to the next which doesn't always happen in series book like this. I was however hoping to get an idea of who the bad guy is but maybe in the next book.

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Now that Abigail has been lured into a dark paradise, she wants to feast on sweet darkness while fulfilling and exploring her fantasies. But Taylor, Zach's ex, isn't backing down, and neither will Abigail's past. With Taylor's aggressive tendencies jeopardizing their relationship, and Abigail's past surfacing, what will become of Zach and Abi?

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