V. R. Avent

Our Special Guest Today V. R. Avent, Author the Dark Paradise Series

Wow, this is so exciting, my very first blog interview, and I get to interview V.R. Avent. When I told her I was going to figure out how the blog interviews were done, she told me to let her know if she could help in anyway, and here she is, granting me an interview. V.R. was the author, who suggested that I add a calendar with book release dates to my blog and she was so right about it adding something to the blog. Thank You, V.R., for your feedback, encouragement and for this interview.

V. R. Avent is the author of the Dark Paradise series, which is the story of Abigail and Zach. They both had very traumatic incidents in their pasts that are affecting their relationship with each other and the people who love them.

(L) Hello V. R., thank you visiting my blog.

 (V. R.) First of all, Laura, let me just say how pleased I am to do this interview with you and answer any questions you and your followers have. So ask away.

(L) I read your bio and it sounds like you have a very busy life. Is there anything else you want your readers to know about you?
(V. R.) Yes, I do have a very busy life, working a full-time job and caring for my amazing daughter, who was diagnosed with autism at fifteen months. When I'm not working or writing, I'm usually watching some kind of comedy, listening to music, or online playing WordTornado, a scrabble-like board game on GamePoint. And before you ask, no, I'm not that great at Scrabble or any Scrabble-like board games, but I will give you a run for your points. Hahaha! Oh, I play BINGO there also—and I'm still waiting for the day that I win just one line of SuperBingo. So, GP, how about you swing a SB my way? 

(L) Any time you want to play Words with Friends let me know. Scrabble has always been one of my favorites.

(V. R) I will certainly do that…just don’t kick my butt too bad. In fact, just take easy on me. Ha-ha!

(L) No worries there I am not very good at the game as my brother and cousin will attest to (brats) hehehe.

(L) What got you started writing? 

(V. R.) I always loved creative and expressive writing. I initially wanted to write for TV and film, but decided to hold off on pursuing those dreams, suppressing the millions of characters, plots, and story lines living in my mind in the process. However, many years later, it was all resurrected when I was sitting in my office one day, on hold forever with an insurance carrier, their music playing in the background, and typing another appeal letter to another carrier (multitasking) who bogusly denied one of my medical claims. Without even blinking or giving it any thought, I yelled over to my friend, Amy, and said, "Amy, I'm going to write a book." And I did. That book was Lured In (Dark Paradise, #1).

So, for me, I guess the music in the background and me writing at the same time sparked my interest for writing again, and I'm so thankful for that defining moment. 

(L) When you are at work do you find yourself writing notes for your books during your spare moments?

(V. R.) Absolutely, Laura. My notepad in my smartphone is filled with notes.

(L) Do you think that you will ever quit your day job to be a full time writer?

(V. R.) If I ever become one of the fortunate authors who could make a comfortable living selling novels, I can’t honestly say I see myself tendering my resignation to my employer, who I’ve been with since 2001. I love my job and my co-workers…I will miss them and my patients dearly, and the fun and jokes we share. I will probably continue working there but only as a part-time employee. But if I had to part ways, I will do so knowing that I created beautiful and fun memories with them…the good, bad, and ugly times. 

(L) How long have you been writing?

(V. R.) I've been writing since Thursday, September 06, 2012, the very same day I told my friend I would write a book.

(L) What is your favorite thing about being a writer? 

(V. R.) HaHa! That's easy. My favorite thing about being a writer is that I get to justify my insanity by calling it "creativity" and "using my imagination." Hehe.  But seriously, it has to be the fact that I get to explore my creativity and challenge myself to push the limits more. Like with the erotic lovemaking scenes for example—I never give any thought to what I'm typing. I simply let everything flow from my mind, no matter how smutty it is, and then polish it after I'm done with the entire lovemaking scene. And nine times out of ten, the scene stays in the story line, just as I typed it, which had a lot to do with the fact that it made me blushed like crazy. 

(L) What is your least favorite thing about writing?

(V. R.) Ooh, my least favorite, huh? Let's see. What is my least favorite thing about writing? Okay, I got it. Well, it's not really a least favorite but rather the annoying beauty of an author's impressive mind, which is the ability to handle multiple stories and characters swarming around in my head at once. This isn't entirely a bad thing, but it does happen to me all too often. I could be in the middle of typing a scene about Abi or Zach, and unexpectedly, inspiration forces me to stop and type about another character in one of the other books on which I am currently working. 

Though I love and can manage it very well, it could also become problematic because I find myself putting Abi and Zach's amazing story on the back burning for a day or two while I give voice to the other characters living in my crazy (in a good way) brain, shouting and demanding me to focus on them too. But, I do manage, as I previously stated, and have now grown used to having five or six Microsoft Word windows opened at a time so that I could easily switch between stories. So far, I haven't gotten any characters mixed-up and put them in the wrong story.

(L) I have very much enjoyed reading all three of your books in the Dark Paradise series, what inspired you to write it?

(V. R.) The Dark Paradise Series is a beautiful and amazing story about discovering light (love, peace, joy, and happiness) in the darkest of dark (unjust, hurt, pain, betrayal, anger, and loneliness) and overcoming the trauma of and domino effect associated with adolescent violation.  

Though I'm not an actual victim, the issue of adolescent violation, including from within one's own family, happens more than often. Moreover, at a high and alarming rate, it's ignored, mishandled, misguided, overlooked, not discussed or brought to light out of fear that no one will listen or believe it, and almost always, swept under the rug, causing more grief and trauma to the victim.  

Learning of this issue, I felt obligated to try to raise awareness of this practice and decided to write a story around it in hope that many people will open their eyes, and victims; their mouths, to this unjust situation so that the number of victims could drastically decrease.   

(L) How many more books will be in the series?

(V. R.) Just one more, which is Sunrise and Moonlight in Paradise.

(L) I will be sorry to see the series end, but I do look forward to reading more of your books as well.

(V. R.) While the Dark Paradise Series eventually has to come to an end, I could assure you more stories, just as good as Abi and Zach’s, will follow. As I mentioned, I have five or six MS Word windows opened, all containing new plots, new story lines, and interesting and intriguing characters. Three of those stories already have titles, and they are: Bad Apple, Blake O’Shea, and Treading Fire.

(L)  Do you have a favorite book or part in the series?

(V. R.) What's Lost in the Dark is my ultimate favorite saga of this series because all the emotions and drama unfolds, and we can't forget the hot, erotic lovemaking. In this book, Abigail finds the will to fight and live pass her dark past, allowing her to confront her parents and family for not believing her claims of being violated. Also, Zach peels away at his layers, revealing an amazing man...who still have secrets.

(L) Was there any part of the series that you really didn't want to write but you knew you just had too?

(V. R.) No. I wrote everything as planned, except for the lovemaking scenes where I just let everything flow freely, without any consideration. I knew what the plots and subplots were going to be from day one when I started writing the series and didn’t stray away from that, nor did I add to it.

(L) The dishes described in the Dark Paradise series sound really good, are these dishes that you created or dishes that you have ordered in restaurants?

(V. R.) They are actually meals that I created in my kitchen. I absolutely love cooking and experimenting with different foods. Hey, who knows, if I’m lucky maybe one day I can host a podcast where I’m cooking scrumptious meals and, with live guests, discuss books, wine, cocktails, or whatever else that comes to mind…like a dinner party.

(L) Who is your favorite Author? What is the best book you have ever read?

(V. R.) I actually have two favorite authors I love equally. They are Anne Rice and Sylvain Reynard. Anne Rice's Sleeping Beauty Series is the best thing I ever read.

(L) Will your next book be released soon? Are there any hints about what happens in it that you want to share?

(V. R.) The final book of the series has a release date of April 2015, and it's going to be a great end to a great series. 
 What I can tell you is that Abi and Zach will definitely have a HEA, but not before Abi finds herself struggling with depression. Zach beats the hell out of one of McConnallay Enterprises's security guards and later discovers chilling documents at Dr. Epps's house, which forces Marietta, Zach's mom and Dr. Epps's ex-wife, to confront Epps. 

(L) Wow that sounds intense, which is one of the things I have notice about this series. You have successively maintained that level of intensity through the whole series, and I am guessing that can't be easy.

(V. R.) Actually, it hasn’t been hard at all. As I mentioned before, I didn’t stray away from or add to the storyline, which allowed me to easily write Abi and Zach’s story. So this is how I’ve been able to maintain the same level of intensity, tone, and consistency throughout the whole series.

Thank you so much V. R. for giving this interview, you are an amazing writer and I really look forward to reading more of your books.

Thank you, Laura.