Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Sheikh's Pregnant Bride (The Jawhara Sheikhs #1) by Leslie North

Heat Rating

Sheik Kamal runs a small country in the Middle East and while in America wrapping up business the Sheik and his brother attend a party to celebrate the successful deal that will benefit his country. When he spots Erin he immediately wants her and as the evening progresses his plans become long term but before he can convince her he is called home because a crisis has arisen.

Erin went to a business party with her cousin and while talking with the man her cousin has it bad for his brother walks up. She has no clue who he is but she is going to break her own rules because the chemistry is irresistible. When he has to return home it is with the promise they will see each other again and body guard and car for her. After weeks of not hearing from him she finds herself pregnant and before she can even tell him she finds herself with a fiancé and in another country.

I thought the characters were interesting but found the story line just not measuring up. I would find it hard to be challenging to any man who wasn't even present 75% of the time. He was in his home country and then the days she arrives in his he leaves for several days.

The editing needed on this book is minimal in that I found only three locations where edits were needed, two where a word didn't fit in the sentence and one sentence that made no sense at all.

Book's Cover Rating
I really like the cover and so hope it doesn't get me censored before I can set up the naughty version on my blog.

Book's Blurb Rating
The blurb could use some editing, a little less information and a lot more thought.

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Book's Blurb:
When Sheikh Kamal first saw Erin from across the ballroom he knew he must have her - and he always got what he wanted.

But Erin isn't like the other girls he knows. Even for an American she is exceptionally feisty, strong and stubbornly independent. A challenge to him. Yet he can't keep his eyes off her, her stunning beauty kept him captivated for the whole evening.

When Erin first saw Sheikh Kamal she had no idea he was royalty and leader of Jawhara, one of the largest (and wealthiest) countries in the Middle East. She just saw him as an irresistible handsome man, tall, with deep brown eyes and a muscular physique. Definitely her type.

He was perfect - apart from his personality.

He was so arrogant, controlling, and dominating. Everything she told herself she NEVER wanted in a man. Yet, she feels such a strong pulls towards him, even his scent is intoxicating..

They sneak away from the ball and go back to Erin's apartment where they share an intense night of love making. In the morning Kamal is called urgently back to his country.

As the weeks go by, and the gifts from Kamal pile up, Erin makes a shocking discovery. She is carrying the heir to a kingdom..

When Kamal discovers this, he will do anything to bring her to his country and make her his bride. But Erin has other ideas..

Monday, October 27, 2014

Phantom Shadows (Immortal Guardians #3) by Dianne Duvall

Heat Rating

Sebastien Newcombe spent years thing he was a vampire only to find he is really one of those he swore to he would destroy. No one trusts him except the leaders of the Immortal Guardians and Ami. But there is Doctor Lipton, he can't stopping thinking about her and thinks his taint will rub off on her and they will fire her.

Melanie Lipton is a gifted one who works for the network caring for the humans that work with the Immortal Guardians and the vampires that don't want to go mad because of the virus that changed them. She sees a different side to Sebastien and she could care less about the consequences he presumes will occur if they pursue their developing feelings for each other. She wants what she wants and she wants him.

We were first introduced to Sebastien in Darkness Dawns where it is assumed that he is a vampire. In Phantom Shadows you can feel how much it hurts that he is not accepted by most of his peers even as he tries to shrug it off with indifference and snarky comments. His desire to protect Melanie and Tanner from other's opinions because of their association to him shows how deeply his loyalties go for those he cares for and I find it hilarious when he tries to push them away and they blow him off.

I really enjoyed reading this book and it was made even better by reading In Still Darkness in tandem since they were both happening at the same time. I am so glad that Dianne gave Sebastien his own story, and I agree with Seth about the similarities between Sebastien and Roland ;)

Favorite Quote: 

“And both of you need to remember one thing: I’m a grown woman and can take care of myself. If someone has a problem with my feelings for Bastien and thinks I shouldn’t get involved with him because they don’t like him, they can kiss my merry mortal ass.”--Dr. Lipton

“If you’re wise, you’ll put your wee willy away now.”--Bastien

Book Cover Rating
I like the cover but I think that the feminine element is missing but that has been consistent throughout the Immortal Guardians series.

Book Blurb Rating
The Blurb is a well written with the hook needed to get the buyer to buy.

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Book's Blurb
Dr. Melanie Lipton is no stranger to the supernatural. She knows immortals better than they know themselves, right down to their stubborn little genes. So although a handsome rogue immortal seems suspicious to her colleagues, Sebastien Newcombe intrigues Melanie. His history is checkered, his scars are impressive, and his ideas are daring. But it's not his ideas that have Melanie fighting off surges of desire. . .

Bastien is used to being the bad guy. In fact, he can't remember the last time he had an ally he could trust. But Melanie is different--and under her calm, professional exterior he senses a passion beyond anything in his centuries of experience. Giving in to temptation is out of the question--he can't put her in danger. But she isn't asking him. . .

Monday, October 13, 2014

Wolf's Castle by Madelyn Hill

Heat Rating:

Was given to me for an honest review by Manic Readers

Vivian Stuart and her father were there way to see his old alchemy friend and colleague when tragedy strikes and she lost him to the sea. Now she is stranded on the island they were heading to with the son of her father's colleague and he wants her gone as much as she wants to be gone from the must old castle and isolated island. But Vivian's past is hot on her heals and she is about to lose her heart to the Laird of the castle.

Galen Maclean is the Laird of the island with his tortured past dogging his every step. When he pulls Vivian from the sea he can't decide whether to keeper her and let her save his soul or throw her back into the sea. With his secrets and her past catching up to her will they find the future they both deserve?

Madelyn Hill did an awesome job of fleshing out her characters; they did jump from the pages and were successful in helping me finish this book. The story line however though solid left me bored and eager to move on to the other book I was reading even with the books most excellent beginning.

Book Cover Rating      
I really like the cover of this book and felt that it really represents Wolf's Castle and was a great hook.

Book's Blurb Rating      
The blurb needs some minor editing but it was written well enough to make me add this book to my reading list. I was very excited to find it on Manic Readers but was disappointed to find that the blurb was better than the book in eliciting any excitement for the book.  

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Book's Blurb:
Can he forget the past and embrace the future?

He’s the beast of Lomarcan Castle. Tortured, angry, and bound and determined not to allow Vivian Stuart to invade his lair. Lord Galen Maclean refuses to be endeared to the lovely woman who has landed on his island looking to study alchemy. The island possesses secrets, secrets too horrid to share with the gentle woman. However, her beguiling nature brings light to the darkness of the castle and the few quirky inhabitants and edges into his heart.

Can she tame the beast within him to gain his love?

She was stranded on a remote island, her father dead and dishonored by her betrothed. Still, the lovely Vivian Stuart wears her heart on her sleeve and strives to redeem Lord Maclean. She knows his heart is good and the castle can be filled with love. Through science she learns more about the troubled lord and slowly but surely, the torture lord's icy heart begins to thaw as Vivian shares the magical healing power of love.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

In Still Darkness (Immortal Guardians #3.50) by Dianne Duvall

Heat Rating

I was given In Still Darkness for an honest review by NetGalley.

Richart d'Alençon a 230 year old Immortal Guardian out hunting one night when he comes across four vamps attacking a woman leaving her work. When she kisses him after he rescues her Richart finds he can't get her out of his head but she doesn't remember the incident thanks to the bite from one of her attackers, never mind the huge secret he is keeping from her, how will she ever accept him?

Jenna McBride is a single mother of a college aged student who doesn't have a lot of time for dating. But when Richart starts coming into to store she works at she finds herself really attracted to him, but most men run for the door when they discover she has a son in college.

Finally, I have read one of the books I am supposed to be reading although Bastien was making it very difficult, so I was reading In Still Darkness and Phantom Shadows in tandem to resolve this hilarious issue I have developed since I delved back into the Immortal Guardians series.

Jenna and Richart's story is being told in the same time frame as Melanie and Bastien's story so reading them in tandem was fairly easy as they fit so well together and reading them a lot of fun, although I am not yet done with Phantom Shadows. I wish I could say I had a favorite character or part in every book but the truth is every time I get into one book in the series I fall in love with every character. May favorite part of this particular book was when Richart teleported into Jenna's apartment by accident I could almost see the absolute shock on hers and John's face even as they got a repeat performance when he tried to go back for Ami.

Favorite quotes
“Okay, I see we’re going to have to have a little talk, John. Here’s the thing. Since Richart is planning to explore the Kama Sutra with your mom, if she forgives him . . .”--Sheldon

“You can’t threaten a man’s balls, dude. A man’s balls are off limits. Even vampires don’t fuck with a man’s balls. That’s just . . . mean.”--Sheldon

Its official Dianne Duvall is now one of my favorite authors, I just this series.

Book Cover Rating
The cover is definitely different than the previous covers in that it has a darker more intense feeling to it.

Book’s Blurb Rating
The In Still Darkness blurb is well written and will definitely suck you into want to devour it.

Where you can purchase In Still Darkness

Book's Blurb
In Dianne Duvall's world of Immortal Guardians, the stakes for mortals are high, but the cost--especially to the heart--might be higher...
It's not the first time Immortal Guardian Richart d'Alençon has saved a human life from eternal damnation. Usually, he moves on, a nameless savior like a ghost in the night. But this time he can't seem to forget the woman who rewarded him with a sensuous kiss after he rescued her from a trio of vampires. While Richart knows that loving a human can only bring trouble, the taste of forbidden lust is too great to resist...
Jenna never imagined she'd end up a single mom working overtime to put her son through school. But she might have daydreamed once that a devastatingly gorgeous Frenchman would sweep her off her feet. Now that a package of tall, dark, and handsome seems intent on doing just that, doctors are telling her she may not have long to live. But Richart is telling her just the opposite. All she has to do is abandon her humanity...