Monday, July 6, 2015

Release Day For Fire Ice by John Day

Today is a big day for John Day who has been working hard to get all 3 Max and Carla stories out.

Fire Ice is book 2 in the grand adventures of this amazing pair of trouble magnets.

Max uncovers a threat to New York while evading capture by the CIA.

Carla is under attack in Afghanistan by the police and Taliban, as she breaks out a woman engineer from a notorious prison.

What is the diabolical connection between vanishing ships in the Bermuda Triangle and global energy demand?

In a race against time to prevent a worldwide disaster, will their plane crash on a freezing mountainside lead to the end of civilization?

How does a favor uncover a clever criminal, blackmail, murder and a terrorist threat to the London Olympics?

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“Remove your clothes, all of them; on the orders of the Commandant, I must search your whole body for weapons, drugs, mobile phones and any other items you are forbidden to bring in here.”
“Fine, but only if a woman searches me,” retorted Carla.
“There is no woman here to do it,” sneered the guard, irked that a girl, challenged him. He would take considerable pleasure in humiliating her now.
“Then I want the man I came with, in here,” she demanded.
“No, he has to stay outside. If you don’t cooperate, you will be arrested and kept in prison, you don’t want that, do you,” he sneered.
Carla turned and removed her clothes, draping them on the chair as she went. When she finished, he came over and ran his rough hands over her firm, smooth white skin. He gripped her shoulders and turned her to face away from him. With his hands cupping her breasts, he pulled her close whilst forcing his pelvis firmly into her pert buttocks.
“You won’t find anything there,” she shouted loudly.
He let her go and told her to lie on her back on the couch. He caught hold of her ankles and dragged her bottom to the end of the couch at the same time as he held her legs apart. Bending her knees, he forced her legs back and told her to stay like that while he fingered her genitalia. Finally, he jabbed his wet finger in her anus making her shout out in pain.
“Your done he said sullenly,” disappointed she was so passive.

Carla gave her gleeful smile to emphasize her indifference to their reluctance to confess.
Shamel paled noticeably.
“Oh!” Added Carla. “Were you expecting a bit of sleep deprivation, a slap or two? Perhaps even a broken fingernail or dare I suggest it, waterboarding? Were you going to be terribly brave and endure endless agony and die a Martyr?”
Carla paused for effect.
“We are nothing to do with the government or security forces. We are not bound by their conventions. There will be no public outcry about torture and cruelty, in fact, you will never be found after the interrogator has worked on you. You will simply vanish and no one will know or care about how brave you were.”
Carla paused again for effect.
“With so many people for the interrogator to work with, most of them never experiencing more than a pricked finger in their lives, I think we will get our answers extremely quickly. You know as well as I do that a man or woman will willingly face pain and death for a belief, but to watch their child suffer and die in front of them is a different matter.”
Max and Tim stared at Shamel, stony faced. It was the look that showed no mercy would be forthcoming.

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