Saturday, January 30, 2016

Jillian's Job by Fran Lee

Heat Rating

She is so done, it’s her birthday weekend and Jillian is flying off to Aspen to rescue that ass-hat she calls a boss. This is the last time because she is done with not having privacy or a life. First she is going to put a small dent in his credit card for messing with her birthday weekend.

When Mike’s personal assistant comes at his request to rescue him from the Barbie wanna be, he never expected her to show up with an engagement ring or looking like she was ready for seduction. When Jillian tells him to ‘take his job and shove it’ he does the only thing a man in his position can do to keep his best employee… He marries her while she is drunk out of her mind.

Jillian’s Job is well written in that it had no editing error that I could find but then as I think on it that is the only truly positive thing I feel I can say about this story. The Characters are pretty two dimensional with no real substance, especially Mike. Jillian has her family and that helps flesh out her character but it leaves Mike in the dust. There was nothing that jumped out to impress upon me just how unhappy Jillian was with her job. Yeah, there were hints that Mike liked Jillian and that she clearly had it bad for him but no emotions jumped off the page.

I chose tore-read this book because I knew it was a short read and I liked it the first time I read, or at least I thought I did until went onto Good reads to see if I had rated it. I apparently gave it a two-star rating and as I think of that previous rating and my current feelings from this read and you know I think my feelings on the book are the same Two and half years later. This makes me wonder why I kept Jillian’s Job in my library.

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Book's Blurb
What good is a dream income, access to a private jet, all the perks that go with being Mike Furie’s ├╝berproficient personal assistant, if Jillian has no life? She wants a life with a man in it. And staying with overbearing, totally sexy, self-serving bachelor Mike will lead nowhere.
A trip to Aspen to “rescue” Mike from the clutches of the latest woman seeking to sink her claws into him, an excess of champagne to fortify her, and she tells him what she thinks of his high-handed tactics. She’s quitting. Again.
So how the hell did she end up in bed with him in a Tahoe honeymoon suite, naked? Why can’t she recall how her signature got on that marriage license?
Mike discovers talents he never knew Jill possessed. Now he has her right where he wants her. And he wants her again…and again. In his bed and under him. But it’s not all about the lust, and if he gets his way, Jillian won’t be leaving his side or his bed—ever.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Nights Embrace (Others of Seattle #1) by Brandy L. Rivers

Heat Rating

Trevor Malone and his clan have just moved to Seattle to escape yet again the rival pack that is determined to make their lives miserable. While he and his band, Lunar Storm, are in the middle of their gig a sexy brunette walks into the bar and he knows she is his. When his clan drags him from the bar before he can talk to her again, he just hopes he can find her again.

Roxana Nights is sick of dealing with her messed up drummer, but he has been in her life, as a friend then a lover and finally an ex, since she was three so kicking him to the curb is easier said than done. When she hears the lead singer of Lunar Storm her reaction is instantaneous, so he her set ends and he is gone she is disappointed.

I loved Nights Embrace, there was so much going on that it seemed like I had really walked into world full of people who are so fully developed that you can almost see exactly what they look like. I love it when I get to read books like that and these days those are exactly the books I need to take me away for mini brain vacations. I loved Roxana, Trevor, Mikey and Joey instantly and I was sure Jordan was going to be the bad guy monkey wrench in the story, so Boyd and Dina kind of came out of left field. AND the best part is the bad guys were an intricate part of the whole story instead of just popping up out of the blue one or two times or just at the end and the same thing happened when William the dick head and Kathryn the bitch face entered the story. My favorite part besides the sex scenes was when Roxana broke Dina’s face with one punch, hot damn that was awesome. Add in the hot make out scenes and rockin’, steamy hot sex scenes for good measure and you have a great book worth the time it will take you to read it.

The bad news is I really, really super bad want to give Nights Embrace a five-star rating but after counting up all the edits that I found I can only give it three-stars which saddens me since it is an amazing story.

Favorite Quotes

“Good, because it’s all true. Now, stop moping. You did amazing, even when some arsehole punctured your lung because he couldn’t win a fist fight against a girl.”—Sorcha (I assume since that was who she was conversing with right before this statement was made)

“Oh, no. Not in a million years. A man has to earn that title, and you haven’t done so.”—Roxana to her sperm donor.

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Book's Blurb
It all started with a song.

Roxana Nights was late to another gig, thanks to her first love, and drummer. It’s been years since she left Jordan, but he won’t let her go. Then she hears a voice that pulls her under a spell and changes her whole world.

Trevor Malone just moved to Seattle with his band. Music is his only passion, until he lays eyes on Roxana. He’s never felt anything as strong as the pull to her. Now he needs to find a way to introduce her to his world.

There’s only one problem. A rival clan won’t rest until they’ve taken Trevor’s down. Unwilling to let old grudges die, they target Roxy. Trevor will do anything to keep her safe.

Roxy learns that the world she writes is closer to reality than she ever imagined, and that not all monsters are evil, though some are ruthless.

Will love stay strong when the past comes out? Can they survive the centuries old vendetta

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Jessa & Kane (Welcome to Wolves Valley #1) by Cam Gallagher


Heat Rating

Left homeless by a selfish, uncaring mother, Jessa catches a bus to as far as it will take her, where she is found walking on the side of the road by an elderly couple who take her home with them. Now she is working in a book store with a nice boss and a roof over her head. When she runs into Kane the attraction is instant but she knows she isn’t even in the same ball park as him. He tells her he wants her and he is going to keep her, she has a hard time believing him.

Jessa & Kane has a great start in the first few chapters but ultimately become blah. There was potential when the antagonistic, bimbo, Sherry came into the picture but the author didn’t run with it until the end and I am rather surprised that I actually made it to the end. When considering a rating for Jessa and Kane I had a difficult time because this book is in need of editing and there are enough edits that giving the book the three-star rating is not even close to possible. Jessa & Kane deserves the heat rating I am giving based on my own rating requirements, however I felt that there was too much filler content that would have been best used elsewhere and not in the bedroom scene.

I was able to find a couple of quotes that are worth sharing but before I do I want to state for the record that I like Shih-Tzu’s and would like one myself as soon as we get the back yard fenced in but I just could help but find these quotes humorous.

“I believe she called that thing a Shih Tzu. It honestly looks like a mixture between a hairy rabbit and a mutated rat.”—Charlie

“Any of you boys know someone who has a bulldog handy? I really wish she would breed that thing with a bulldog. That way, whenever I see the puppy from that party, I’ll have a reason to scream, ‘Bullshit’ at her!”—May

Book Cover Rating1/2
The model does not fit the description of Jessa’s body type.

Book Blurb Rating

Book's Blurb
On the day of Jessa Collins’ s 18th birthday, she comes home to find all of her belongings on the side of the road. Kicked out by her mother just as she legally becomes an adult, Jessa moves to a small town in Kentucky known as Wolves Valley. As Jessa begins to adjust to small town life and working alongside the people of the quaint community, she meets Kane Everson after he knocks her over at work.

Alpha Kane Everson never expected to meet his mate in the local bookshop that is run by a pack member. And he sure as hell never expected to accidently injure her during the first five minutes in her company. Can Kane convince his mate that they belong together despite everything stacked against them? And how will it all come together when she finally learns that the people she is getting to know in the town of Wolves Valley have a furry little secret?

Friday, January 22, 2016

First Class to Portland (First Class #2) by A. J. Harmon

Heat Rating

Janie has returned home to Portland broken hearted but determined to work on the list, for moving on and starting over, she created while in New York. Matt is still very much in Janie’s thoughts with passing day even though he said they would still be friends; she hasn’t heard a word from him since she arrived back in Portland. When Matt shows up on her door step with a declaration of love she says she is tired and can they continue their conversation the next day. Matt is determined to win Janie’s heart and take her home with him but first he will have to meet her family and win them over.

I am so happy Matt woke up and smelled the coffee and went after his woman. Talk about big chickens overcoming their fears but at least he did. I really loved how he came charging to the rescue when Janie and her best friend were in major danger (I got an action fix, hehehe). That stupid obsessed Danny needs some time in a mental ward before he goes to prison, and I can’t help wondering if there are other women out there that were victimized by him, guess we will find out in the next book.

Over all I really love First Class to Portland (what self-respecting Oregonian wouldn’t) and I would love to give it a five-star rating but alas I came across enough edits that I can only give it a four-star rating. But even with this rating I want to say that the main characters are very well written and easy to connect with while the continuity coming from one book to the other in this portion of the First Class series is outstanding, I am truly looking forward to the third book.

Book Cover Rating
I really love that the river was included in this cover.

Book Blurb Rating

Book's Blurb
First Class to New York’s Janie Anderson returns home to Portland after her long awaited, once-in-a-lifetime trip to New York City. She had spent two weeks in the Big Apple with the drop-dead gorgeous Matt Lathem, whom she had literally stumbled upon while embarking on her highly anticipated adventure. He had warned her that once her trip was over, so was their time together. But she had fallen head-over-heels for him anyway and had lacked the courage to tell him her true feelings. Heart-broken, she boarded the plane back to her life in Portland.

Back in Oregon, Janie tries to forget him and move on, only to have everything remind her of what she had left in New York: a fresh start and another chance at love.

When Matt realizes that the woman of his dreams and the love of his life is only a first class ticket to Portland away, he risks everything and boards the next plane for the West Coast. What had started as a “romantic fling” had blossomed into something he’d never felt before; an unyielding desire to spend the rest of his life with her.

When Matt shows up without warning, Janie’s world is once again tipped upside down.

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