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BODYCHECKING Game On in Seattle #7 Jami Davenport Enter to Win a $25.00 Amazon eGift Card

Enter to Win a $25.00 Amazon eGift Card

Game On in Seattle #7
Jami Davenport
Released April 30th, 2016
Cedona Enterprises

As the wild child of
the family, Bellani Maxwell isn’t interested in settling down. Between a
fledgling party crashing business, teaching self-defense at a martial arts
studio, and hitting the bar every night, she has her hands full. She doesn’t
need the added responsibility or commitment of a relationship.

Hockey star Cedric
Pederson has all the puck bunnies he could ever want, but a chance encounter
eighteen months ago leaves him with eyes only for the gorgeous, free-spirited
Bella. Too bad she isn’t interested in what Cedric has to offer beyond frequent
hookups, and he’s grown tired of their on-again, off-again non-relationship. He
wants to be all-in or all-out.

When a brutal attack
leaves Bella in need of comfort, protection, and healing, the only person she
wants is Cedric. But once she’s living in his condo, Bella is confronted with a
decision she’s been avoiding—can she finally commit to Cedric, or will she let
him go one last time?

Contains graphic and potentially disturbing descriptions of an assault.

Hugging the sweatshirt tight to her body, Bella hurried past a boarded-up building looming darkly across the cracked sidewalk. The gloomy brick fa├žade gave her the creeps, and she trotted down the street, cutting across to the other side. She’d be soaked before she got to her car.
Miserable and desperate to get out of the rain as soon as possible, she decided to take a shorter route back, ignoring the detour, which would take her two to three blocks out of her way but along well-lit streets. Instead, she veered around the corner and into the construction zone, ignoring the “Do Not Enter” signs. She’d cut through here before but not alone. It was exactly the type of area she would’ve told her self-defense students to avoid as unsafe.
Only Bella was savvy and well-trained in martial arts. She could take care of herself. She had absolute confidence she’d battle her way out of any situation. Even so, a little chill slid down her spine, and she shuddered. Shrugging it off as unfounded, she attributed her nerves to the rainwater dripping down the back of her neck.
She had very little room to maneuver as she navigated along a sawhorse-lined path made of plywood and concrete with partially demolished buildings on one side and deep utility trenches on the other. She could barely see even with the flashlight on her cell phone.
“Admit it, Bells, this wasn’t one of your smarter moves,” she muttered to herself.
She frowned as she swore she heard a noise. Only, how the fuck could anyone hear anything over this incessant rain?
There it was again. Splashing. Like boots slapping against water-laden concrete and plywood.
Her heart rate accelerated, and she increased her pace, wishing she’d brought her purse with her Mace in it. Instead, she’d grabbed a small pocketbook. She refused to glance over her shoulder, even as her senses went on high alert.
She definitely heard footsteps, and they were gaining.


all books in this series can be read as standalones, you'll most likely enjoy
reading the other books in the Game On in Seattle sports romance series:

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Sockeyes Hockey)
Book 2--Crashing the Boards (Seattle
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USA Today
Bestselling Author Jami Davenport writes sexy contemporary and sports romances,
including her two new indie endeavors: the Game On in Seattle Series and the
Madrona Island Series. Jami's new releases consistently rank in the top fifty
on the sports romance and sports genre lists on Amazon, and she has hit the
Amazon top hundred authors list in both contemporary romance and genre fiction
multiple times. Jami ranked Number Seven on Kobo's Top Ten Most Completed
Authors, an honor bestowed on the year's "most engaging" authors
based on an average page completion rate by their readers.

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Shadow (New Species #9) by Laurann Dohner

Heat Rating

Before we get into this review I want to apologize to all of my readers for taking so long. As some of you know my family and I are going through a very traumatic time and this has impacted every facet of my life including my ability to write and sometimes even read so getting things done may take time so thank you for your patience and loyalty as I work through everything with my family.

Thanks to the “doctors” of Mercile, Shadow is certain he will never be able to be with a woman for fear he will have flash backs and cause her harm. So when the gift female he spent a platonic night with in the sports shed, expresses and interest in him, his initial reaction is to refuse. The only problem with refusing is he doesn’t anyone else spend a week alone in a cabin with Beauty either because he knows she wants to experience sex freely shared. Their experiences are similar so if they can just get past the communication gap things should fall into place.

Beauty is considered a gift by her people and as such they protect her from all the males, her friends and fellow gifts are fine with this arrangement but she is tired of being protected and she wants to talk with the males but unlike the other more aggressive females, who kick the males out after sex she wants to experience cuddling and talking. After an innocent night in the sport shed with a male she is even more curious, especially about Shadow but the only female that hears what she is saying is Breeze. Breeze’s solution is sending Beauty to Reservation for a vacation with her dream guy.

Just when I think I have found my favorite book in the New Species series Laurann Dohner goes and writes another one and making it harder and harder to choose a favorite. Shadow is really sweet and totally steamy all at the same time, you can’t help but feel the sympathy for both Shadow and Beauty as they work their way through their demons and insecurities in order to progress their budding relationship. One of my favorite parts were when Beauty wakes up in the shed and realizes that Shadow is aroused and I would love to share this very sweet moment with you but given the size of the excerpt I would like to share I don’t think it would be appropriate without permission. My other absolute favorite part of Shadow takes place near the end where Beauty makes and epic escape from her would be kidnappers and then is rescued by Shadow. When this couple finally do get into the hot steamy bedroom you’ll be looking for the cold shower if your man isn’t home, oh my.

Favorite Quotes

“Shadow didn’t do anything wrong and I’m not weak or stupid. I’m an adult and probably almost as old as you are. You can’t restrict my privileges and don’t threaten to hit me. You should have been a canine mix because you’re a bitch.”—Beauty when Kit really was being a bitch

Book Cover Rating
I really like that there is more back ground on this cover and not just a body of muscles.

Book Blurb Rating

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Book's Blurb
Beauty resents being labeled Gift Species. Everyone is way too overprotective, males aren’t even allowed to speak to her and so far, true freedom eludes her. Then a big, sexy Species officer mistakes her for the enemy and takes her down—literally.

Shadow is dumbfounded. He has a Gift pinned beneath him—a big no-no. But Beauty is fascinated and wants to know Shadow a lot better. She’s full of newly discovered, unrequited passion and he’s just what she needs to satisfy her curiosity.

For Shadow, sex means pain and loathing. For Beauty, enslavement and ridicule. Two lonely souls who have never known a loving touch, together in a cabin in the woods. Every caress, every discovery brings them closer to a life they never thought possible…beyond even their wildest dreams.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

SECRET BABY SCANDAL Bayou Billionaires #4 by Joanne Rock

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Bayou Billionaires #4
Joanne Rock
Releasing May 1st (Digital)
Releasing May 10th (Print)
Harlequin Desire

proposition: pretend they’re a couple to end a scandal. But she has secrets of
her own…

Doucet has dealt with sexy, arrogant athletes most of her life. But Jean-Pierre
Reynaud is a whole different animal—in bed and on the field. Unbeknownst to
him, their one amazing night produced a son. Now her family’s biggest football rival is back, offering a seductive wager she can’t

despises the media. When rumors fly, he knows a fake relationship is the
perfect diversion for the tabloids—and Tatiana’s unbridled passion is the
perfect diversion for Jean-Pierre. But when she drops a baby bombshell, the
scandal will rock them both!

Jean-Pierre had taken hits from the toughest, strongest, meanest players in the NFL. Afterward, as he lay in the grass with his ears ringing and his vision blurred, he would struggle to snap out of the slow-motion fog that felt kind of like being underwater.
That was exactly how he felt walking into Tatiana’s apartment, her words slowly permeating his consciousness along with the cry of an infant. Dazed, confused and trying to stand up straight despite the floor shifting under his feet, Jean-Pierre stood in her foyer and waited for her to return from wherever she’d disappeared.
“Mr. Reynaud?” An older woman in a simple gray dress stepped into the living area to his right. “Miss Doucet asked if you wouldn’t mind joining her in the family room. It’s just past the staircase on the left.” She pointed the way and then went about her business, picking up a few things in the living room.
A bright blue blanket. A baby bottle.
Seeing that bottle was like the second hit when you were already down.
At the same time, it was enough to make the mental fog evaporate and get his feet moving.
He needed answers now. Hell, he needed answers months ago. Tatiana had done a whole lot more than throw his career into a tailspin tonight with her unguarded remark to a member of the press. She’d been hiding the biggest possible secret that was going to bind their lives together forever.
“Tatiana?” Her name was a sharp bark on his lips as he entered the spacious suite overlooking Central Park.
Framed playbills lined the walls along with photos of Tatiana and her family. Tatiana with her father at her graduation from Columbia. The Doucets outside of a downtown skyscraper with the brass name plaque of her prestigious law firm. Every picture was a reminder of the life he might have had with her if her family hadn’t turned her against him.
A blaze crackled in a fireplace on the far side of the living area. And beside it, in that warm glow of flickering light, he spotted her on the dark leather love seat, cradling a tiny bundle of blankets to her breast. Tatiana’s dark brown curls shielded her body as much as the blanket, the firelight making the skin of one shoulder glow where she’d unfastened her dress to feed the baby.
Her baby.
Something shifted inside Jean-Pierre, his whole world tipping on its axis as everything changed irreversibly.

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Four-time RITA nominee Joanne
has never met a romance sub-genre she didn't like. The author of
over seventy novels enjoys writing contemporary romance and medieval
historicals alike, recently exploring Young Adult romance under a pseudonym. An
optimist by nature and perpetual seeker of silver linings, Joanne finds
romance–in all its forms-- fits her life outlook perfectly. When she's not
writing, Joanne enjoys travel, especially to see her favorite sports teams play
with her former sports editor husband and three athletic-minded sons.

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