Proof of Lies Thanks to the Police Report

After asking for the police reports and being stonewalled because it is an ‘ongoing case’ was aggravating to say the least. After a lot a frustration we now have those police reports, no thanks to DA’s office because they are too busy covering up their bumbling incompetence. It is clear that nobody bothered to really read these reports or they did and just don’t care about doing what is right…

The lies and the facts

DDA Alicia Eagan said she could get win 2nd Degree Manslaughter in court even if the defense had the lab results suppressed. But does she stick to her guns? Nope she takes what she thinks is the easy win for her at the expense of her victims.

Alicia Eagan said Jake’s Mom just wanted this done and was willing to settle with whatever Alicia decided (guess she figured we wouldn’t speak to each other).

Then during the settlement hearing the judge informed us that pot was found in the defendant’s hospital room but they couldn’t prove it’s his and that it had been removed from his room before the police saw it. But the funny thing about that is according to the police reports a nurse said they found 2 bags of pot on his person but when they went in to check and it was gone from the counter and when the defendant’s property bag was searched it was found there.

We were also told by the same judge that the blood draw was done without a warrant. But guess what 2 blood draws were done, the first one was an exigent draw and the 2nd was a warrant draw. Add in a UA and two baggies of pot weighing 8.7 grams and what do you get?

And where did the judge get his information? He got it from DDA Alicia Eagan, which means she is not just lying to her victims in this case but also to judges, is that even legal?

While I am on the subject of lies I have a message to the mother and girlfriend of the defendant… False apologies are not appreciated. If you were truly sorry and wanted to make things right you would have been honest and told the truth from the beginning. If the defendant were truly sorry he would be honest and own what he has done and taken the consequences for his actions when he first had the chance to at his first hearing. So don’t say your sorry when in truth you clearly don’t mean it.
All the math is there but the numbers aren’t adding up. The Colunms from what we are told and what is written don’t balance. I have yet to see the blood work and the re-enactment reports but I am betting those will show even more proof of guilt on the defendents part and more lies on the DA’s part.

On a positive note I am happy to say that my attorney informed me that a Yamhill County Judge will be presiding over the Plea Hearing on September 27th, we were waiting for confirmation after an email exchange I had with a reporter, who told me about it before sharing that tidbit.