Monday, October 31, 2016

The Mate: Chosen by the Alpha by Anya Nowlan

Heat Rating

The Mate: Chosen by the Alpha is a reasonably short read that will probably take you less than a day to read baring any distractions.

The story itself revolves around the mating of Bridget and Varo, so if you just want the sex and not a full story this book is for you. The beginning starts out like just about any story then it changes and the only climactic events that occur in the book involve some seriously hot monkey sex or should I say wolf sex. I think the steam started pouring out of my e-reader before I had the book fully opened. I do wish that this story had more to it because the end was pretty anti-climactic and disappointing. All in all not a bad book if all you want is porn you can watch in head, where you can create your own visuals, instead on tv where the characters already have faces. And after watching this documentary on porn movies on Netflix I am convinced written porn is way better than watching them fake it on the tv screen.

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Book's Blurb
A dark night and a full moon...just the right time for an Alpha to chase and claim his mate.

Bridget, a feisty bartender, has locked up for the night and started heading home down a wicked path that leads through the woods. Distant wolf howls slink closer bit by bit, until she can almost feel their breath on her neck. It seems the further she goes, the closer they get.

Until they're right there next to her. A desperate escape takes her to a forest meadow, where the pack surrounds her. To her surprise, they desire something rather surprising from her - the Alpha has chosen her to be his mate. It is a small bit of solace that the Alpha is the man she has long had her eye on - the dark and dangerous Varo.

Will Bridget find her happiness in the strong arms of the shifter Alpha?

Smutty Shifter Shorts: quick on-the-go bite of delicious shifter erotica!

Please be aware that this is an erotic short story and it includes rough sexual acts.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Maid for Two Dragons: An Absolutely Hot and Sensual Paranormal Romance (Occupational Hazards Book 1) by Diana Fox

Heat Rating

Two hot dragons one replacement maid and thrown in for action you get a very not nice woman scorned.

I think this time I want to start with what I don’t like and that would be all the crap that follows the actual title. The title (this part-- Maid for Two Dragons (Occupational Hazards Book 1)) does fit the book nicely but all the genre stuff (this part --An Absolutely Hot and Sensual Paranormal Romance) that follows it just doesn’t belong in the title. In the blurb, yes but not the title, it makes it long and ridiculous. If I was rating the titles I would give it a one-star. Hmmm, something for future pondering.

I really liked the love and devotion that Diana and her mother shared, it shows that Diana Fox truly understands what makes a family strong. Troy and Jared seem like honest men who have strong beliefs about what family is which fits well with Diana’s values. I do wish that the pesky fiancĂ©e could have been more of a threat to make the story interesting, especially since she clearly seemed to know about Diana. I also liked the steam coming of the pages during the three sex scenes and I bet you’ll never guess which one is my favorite. Oh, shoot, forgive me but there were actually for sex scenes but one of them didn’t count because it seemed as off to me as it did the character it was happening to.

The big question I am asking myself now is if Maid for Two Dragons is worth reading again or if the insanity of all the extra mumbo jumbo in the title has turned me off so much that I just want to delete the book or not. I do like the story line very much; the characters are likeable and there were practically no editing errors which make me want to give this book a four-star review. But the title is really just picking at my brain with all that unnecessary genre stuff added to it, making it clunky and unappealing.

Book Cover Rating
The cover works for the most part but where is the curvy woman who is supposed to be Diana. When you describe a woman as curvy then fond a curvy model for the bloody cover please.

Book Blurb Rating
This blurb is more of teaser than a blurb.

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Book's Blurb
When her beloved mother falls ill, curvy Diana Vasquez is forced to drop out of college to help pay the bills. She inherits her mother’s new job – as a live-in maid to two phenomenally rich brothers who live and work together.

“They are such handsome and nice young men, Diana,” her mother tells her. “But they are very private. Remember, many places in their home are out of bounds for you. Do as you are told, and don’t go where you’re forbidden to enter.”

Naturally, Diana is curious. Then she meets her new employers, the mysterious Troy and Jared Devereaux, and she is knocked off her feet. They are every bit as charming and gorgeous as her mother described. What possible secrets do they have to hide?

Troy and Jared share EVERYTHING. When they meet Diana, they are immediately drawn to her so badly that it aches their c**** and their bones. But should they be taking humans into their lofty, passionate, and cruel world, especially when they are already betrothed – by tradition – to a powerful and very jealous female of their kind?

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Alien King and I by Lizzie Lynn Lee

Heat Rating

Lindsey is kidnapped by a hot guy and boinked and that al she wrote folks.

When I saw the title for The Alien King and I, I thought cool and new spin on the classic The King and I, staring the hunky Yul Brynner. Boy, was I disappointed, all I got was a very hot steamy sex scene and then a drawn out, boring and anticlimactic ending with absolutely nothing good in between. Lindsey may as well just be a hooker given the lack of substance to give the story anything of value.

Book Cover Rating
The only good thing about The Alien King and I is the cover. Wait I was wrong it could also be good for a fast read to add to your reading challenge if you signed up for one.

Book Blurb Rating
The blurb is definitely short but promises much that just wasn’t delivered.

Where You Can Find The Alien King and I
I got this particular story from All Romance E-books which I am sorry to say is no longer available. If you happen to find another site that contains this book please let me know.

Book's Blurb
Lindsey is expecting a big surprise for her thirtieth birthday. Something along the lines of a male stripper, courtesy of her best friend. But she didn’t expect her hot stripper fun to include a kidnapping…or the fact that the stripper is an alien intent on stripping them both!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Caleb's Mail Order Bride (The Morgan's Brides #1) by Cia Leah

Heat Rating

Jacob is not getting any younger and he’ll be hanged if he dies before he gets himself a grandbaby.

I can’t decide who I like more or who I am not sure I like in Caleb's Mail Order Bride. Two of the Morgan men know more about Sissy Drake’s family then she does. I am very certain they meant her no harm or they wouldn’t have arranged for the marriage to the third Morgan in the equation. Even with my concern for the motivations of the Morgan’s I still really liked Jacob, I wish more people were like him, he had a good heart and a smart mind. Sissy is shy and quiet with a loving heart that is the complete opposite of her family. Caleb seems to be a man set in his ways who even though he comes off as not really wanting a bride, he really just wants to be who he is wants his bride to love him for the man he is without changing him. I have to say I am not crazy about to given name of the youngest Morgan brother even if I do like the character.

What I didn’t like was the lack of action that went into this story that the blurb promised with the introduction of the brother. This has a lot of potential but needs more of the action to add to the drama. Then there are the multiple edits that are significant enough to almost ruin an almost decent story and take a three-star rating and drop down to a one-star rating.

Book Cover Rating
I just love this cover and how authentic it looks.

Book Blurb Rating

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Book's Blurb
Sweet, western short story.

Caleb Morgan couldn't believe he had a mail order bride. She was beautiful and quiet too. He just hoped she would be happy with him. He was his own man and wouldn't let any woman disrupt his life, but his Pa wasn't in good health and wanted a grandchild. He felt it his duty to make his Pa as happy as he could for what time he had left. Little did Caleb realize that Sissy Drake would rope his heart on their wedding night despite his reservations.

Sissy Drake had no choice but to become a mail order bride. Her Pa was dead for a year when her aunt passed too, taking away her home with no other options available to her. When she met Caleb, she found him to be domineering and gruff, but she was determined to tame him and be the wife he needed.

Little did both of them know that her brother, Lawson, followed Sissy to Caleb's ranch determined to find the stagecoach money their Pa hid. He had an old score to settle with Caleb too and wouldn't let anything stand in his way.