Saturday, December 17, 2016

Alien Warrior's Mate (Brion Brides #1) by Vi Voxley

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I usually read paranormal books and watch sci-fi but every now and then a chance to read a potentially good sci-fi book pops up and I just have to take a chance…

The Brion are a warrior race that reminds me of the Klingons with their honor and the desire for glory on the battle field. These Brion believe in fated mates and only the males are capable of recognizing their mates, so Deliya is reluctant to invest her time and heart in Darien since it appears that she is not his mate, I can’t blame her for that. But I am really glad she did let him into her room all the same because the steam coming of my tablet from the sexy bedroom scene, that took up several chapters, that was also almost a battle of wills as Darien got Deliya to admit her attraction.

I felt like the author, Vi Voxley, put a lot of thought into every detail of her story, from the snowy battle field of Antara to the valor squares that signify rank and are tied into the emotions of the warrior they are imbedded in. The was a great deal to really like and enjoy about this book and I am looking forward to reading this one, as well as the other books in the series, again at a later date.

Book Cover Rating
I really love that the attention to detail that went into this book also went into the cover thank you for that. The only thing really missing is the representation of Deliya.

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Book's Blurb
He's damn impossible and he won't stop at anything to claim her...

Deliya is one of the best of the best. An elite warrior, few things have ever phased her. She works hard and plays hard, all for the day when fates decide it's time for her to meet her fated mate. But what if there's one man in this blasted universe who just won't stop getting under her skin? What if she can't help but lust after him? Fates be damned, isn't that what's important?

Driven to always succeed, Darien is one of the commander's chosen few. Above all his fellow warriors, he serves at the leisure of his general. But lately, someone else has been commanding his time... Mad with need to claim her sexy body as his own, Darien will not stop at anything in his quest to keep Deliya safe. And more importantly, as his own. Fates be damned, he will have that woman.

When death lurks behind every stone and in the hands of every enemy they encounter, can Darien and Deliya find their love, or will death claim them first?

Sunday, December 11, 2016

The Alpha's She-Wolf by K. S. Martin

Heat Rating

The Alpha’s She-Wolf is actually about two sisters who find their mates but only one of the sisters is at the for front of the story while the other is more of a back-ground character.

I apologize for taking so long to get this review written, it seems I was attacked with a case of writer’s block and have been painfully fighting my way through it to get this far into this review.

The story line for the most part was interesting and I enjoyed most of it. The romance between Shauna and Connor was most entertaining. I also enjoyed the twist that came with Naomi and one of Connor’s brothers. I wasn’t too crazy about the twist with Victor, it seemed like it was thrown in at the last minute to add extra drama and reading material. Maybe if Victor had been glimpsed earlier causing trouble then maybe it would felt like it meshed better with the story line. Especially as he seemed to already be clued into Shauna and Naomi’s family tree and heritage. With these thoughts on The Alpha’s She-Wolf have me thinking a three-star rating would be a appropriate for that but then I count the edits which brings me to that part where I argue with myself (yet again) about creating a separate rating for the edits a lone which brings me to considering and overall rating for all those things. Sometimes this argument with myself makes me nuts. Ok, sorry back to the edits; the most popular editing issues in this book were missing quote marks and missing words. For those and the other edits that I found the three-star, review I would love to give this book, will actually be a one-star review.

K. S. Martin if you happen to read this review I want you to know that it truly pains me to give you a one-star review as you are one of my favorite writers.

Book Cover Rating
The title of this book is The Alpha's She-Wolf so it feels like there is something missing from this cover and it really doesn’t feel like it fits the book.

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Book's Blurb
Sexy dreams have disturbed Shauna for months now and they are always the same. A man that she can’t see has his arms around her and that leads to other things that keep her from sleep. She’s tired of waiting for him to show up and she’s exhausted from his nightly visits. When he finally does, it is not how she expected and she is more than a little disappointed in his tactics.

He’s finally found her, his mate, and she is nothing like she was in his dreams, only her scent is the same. It should be easy, this mating but she is proving to be more of a challenge than Connor anticipated.

Can they find their way to each other? Or will her expectations destroy what nature intended?