Monday, January 16, 2017

Mistake by Allyson Young

Heat Rating

Bryce breaks Jenna’s heart in a humiliating way only to realize he lost something really special and important to his happiness.

Given how many times I have read this particular story I still can’t really say what it is that makes me still want to read it again. Could be that fact that both Jenna and Bryce are broken in some way and both found their own way to cope. Jenna though broken still has hope (I can relate most days) making her willing to take that chance. While Bryce on the other hand has totally hidden his heart not only from the world but himself as well, so when his second chance at love presents itself he withdraws from it in a most hurtful and complete way and shattering not only Jenna’s heart but her hope. His realization of what he has done should have been a more painful realization for karma’s sake. Then there is Jason, I can’t help but think that a few scenes of him plotting and planning as well as some escalation of his stalking activities would have added a bit more thriller action to the story.

Will I read Mistake yet again in the future? I don’t know, but I hope so, it is my favorite book from this author.

I think I really like the following quote because of the delivery of it was priceless under the circumstances.

“You’re right. I overreacted. I’d never been kicked to the curb immediately after being fucked before. I should have asked the kicker for a ride home. Won’t happen again.”—Jenna

Book Cover Rating
If the cover artist was going for steamy I think this cover has potential but falls just a little short because the kiss looks more like a regular old peck type kiss not a panty melting passionate lip lock.

Book Blurb Rating

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Book's Blurb
Bryce Meadows is a cop with a past, living in the moment when it comes to women. He makes a mistake taking Jenna Muirhead to his bed—and not ending their connection within his usual self-imposed time period. He didn’t convey the rules to Jenna, a survivor of a deadly marriage allowing herself a glimmer of hope after many long years of despair.

When she shares her feelings, Bryce breaks things off, crushing her. Then Jenna’s ex-husband is released from prison, a man with violent tendencies who has anyone connected to Jenna in his sights. She agrees to pretend to live with Bryce to draw her ex out for capture before he can act out. Bryce recognizes what he has lost, the real mistake he made, and plans to take advantage of their living situation to make amends. But he must deal with Jenna’s well-honed ability to distance herself, as well as the threat her ex husband poses.

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