Thursday, April 20, 2017

Songbird by Maya Banks

Heat Rating

Emily’s life was hell growing up, her only solace was the Donovan brothers, the loves of her life. When the older brothers rejected her love and her heart, the younger brother, angry with his brothers came to her declaring his love and devotion.

It’s been just over 21 months since the death of my Shanny and I find myself still going back to books I have read repeatedly. I am revisiting these books because they are books I know I can totally submerse myself in (temporarily bury my head in the sand) and enjoy rather than taking a chance on a new book only to be disappointed in not finding a temporary reprieve from the reality that there is now a gaping hole in the hearts of my family. Everyday its fight to get out of bed and the only things holding me together is my family. I am telling you this so you understand what I am going to say next.

I normally really enjoy this story when I read and it is one of my favorites but thinking it would be a comfort book under the circumstances was not level headed thinking. It was a gut wrenching read this time and sadly I am not sure I will ever be able to read it again and that just makes me want to cry more because I love this book.

Sean’s murder took a devastating toll on Emily and the fog she lived in probably would have killed her to if Taggert and Greer had not put on their big boy panties and gone after her. Now normally I would focus on the hot steamy sex if there is any or the dynamics between the characters or the edits of which I only found one in Songbird, but this time I can’t because even as I write this review I have to fight back the tears. Maya Banks did and amazing job of describing the grief that Emily was going through, someone murdered her husband as he was protecting her. The man that did that stole an entire future from her that she can never get back, yes, she finds love that was in reality always there but deep down that hole that was created will always be there even as a bitter sweet memory. Emily’s sadness matches my own sadness and this time, as I read this story, that is what I connected with and its not something I was really prepared for when choosing to read Songbird for the umpteenth time. So, in truth I focused very much on the heart ache of the characters which I think made everything else including the bedroom scene pretty subdued. I know my first readings of Songbird were in a different time and place and my feelings of the story were very different and I am hoping that someday I can pick this book up again and read it in that light and give you a better review.

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Book Blurb Rating

Book's Blurb
The voice of an angel, a husband who loved her–she had it all…until a tragedy took it away.

A Linger story.

They called her their Songbird, but she was never theirs. Not in the way she wanted.

The Donovan brothers meant everything to Emily, but rejected by Greer and Taggert, she turned to Sean, the youngest. He married her for love, and she loved him, but she also loved his older brothers.

Her singing launched her to stardom. She had it all. The voice of an angel, a husband who loved her, and the adoration of millions. Until a tragedy took it all away.

Taggert and Greer grieve for their younger brother, but they’re also grieving the loss of Emmy, their songbird. They take her back to Montana, determined to help her heal and show her once and for all they want her. They’re also on a mission to help her find her voice again. Under the protective shield of their love, she begins to blossom… until an old threat resurfaces.

Now the Donovans face a fight for what they once threw away. Only by winning it—and her love—will their songbird fly again.

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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Wolf Desire by Lara Desaire

Heat Rating

Dalia gets cheated on and loses a best friend at the same time, so the ego boost of have a hot guy pound her brains out doesn’t seem so bad.

Wolf Desire is a 32-page read that can be done in a day and is basically the equivalent of porn without pictures, actually, well described porn, making it a good read if you want more sex then substance. The Porn aspect of this book is not a problem if all you are interested in is hot monkey wolf sex with a man that is going to tell you what to do, how to do it and when to do it. Unfortunately, that is not me, I like more than just the pounding of hot sweaty bodies. I need more story and direction in my stories, don’t get me wrong there can be steaming hot graphic foreplay, multiple orgasms and bodies banging each other into the wee hours of the morning but it takes a well created adventure to keep me from deleting a book, which is what will be happening at the end of this review so there will be no second reading of this one for me. I think the biggest downer for me was the ending that was lame and anticlimactic but with all the other climax’s there is the possibility you will be fine with the ending.

Book Cover Rating
The book cover is eye catching and had me exploring the blur, it is too bad that I made the mistake of judging a book by its cover.

Book Blurb Rating
The Blurb needs editing or more like this version of the blurb needs editing.

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Book's Blurb
* “All that I knew to be true, was not true, and now I could feel him staring at me, stalking me like I was his prey. I was scared, but I was ready, ready for him.” **

Delia has just gone through a ratherbad breakup. Her worst nightmare came true, when her best friend stole her boyfriend.
Delia decides to dive into her work as a cleaning lady. When she gets a call to clean a house for a Billionaire she finds some private and shocking, pictures that she should not have found.

The sexy homeowner catches her looking and decides to reward her rather then punish her. If Delia thought her world was upside down before wait until she was finished with this day.

She was going to get it Hard Fast and Without Protection.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Wolves' Wife (Confessions of a Mail Order Bride #4) by Kate Kent

Heat Rating

For the life of me I can not figure out how I managed to finish this book. I think I lost interest about half way through when the word ‘delish’ came up. I have only ever heard that word in movies where snobby upper crust mucky muck females seem to think that saying ‘delish’ is cool, to each his own. Then I came across the words ‘heavy denims’ and now I am wondering where Kate Kent comes from because I don’t think I have ever heard that phrase before in this country. Finally, there is the icing on the cake and begs the question; who uses the word ‘hiney’ in the middle of a sex scene? I used that word when my kids were little, when speaking to them about wiping their little bottoms during potty training, so ‘hiney’ was a mood killer. On the good side, there were no spelling or grammar errors to be found.

Book Cover Rating 
When I initially saw this cover after finishing Wolves' Wife, I thought the cover didn’t match the story but then I realized the wolf is the other brother. The only thing I really like about this cover is the wolf, yes, I know there is a torso with a six pack too but it’s cliché and doesn’t stand out. It says Wolves' Wife is about two brothers but it doesn’t scream romance or even passion, there isn’t even a subtle hint of those things.

Book Blurb Rating
The blurb basically matches the story but I think the question at the end is missing a question mark and that reminds me of a question I have. Why do some blurbs end with questions? To be honest I don’t even think the questions are needed and in this case, they almost give away more of the story then the beginning of the blurb does.

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Book's Blurb
Sweet and sexy BBW has two wolf shifters growling and howling with desire!

Jill Lambert is not sure men can be trusted. She was the apple of her father’s eye but he left when she was a teen never to be heard from again, and her ex-boyfriend cheated on her too many times. But when she learns her co-workers and friends have found forever mates on the ‘Luscious Lads and Ladies’ site she is tempted to give the marriage match site a try. Jill’s critical mom shoots down the idea but Jill has just about reached her limit trying to please her.

Hunky shifters Kurtis and Conrad know what they like and Jill fits the bill. They would love to have the curvy beauty complete their triad. They try and show Jill the love she craves but things aren’t going to well with their business and that is a distraction.

Can Jill get over her trust issues and find her special forever love? And how can Kurtis and Conrad salvage their business so they can focus fully on the mate they so desire.

Wolves’ Wife is a BBW Paranormal Shapeshifter Menage Romance. This is a standalone novella and the fourth story in the Confessions of a Mail Order Bride series. These paranormal romances can be read in any order. The story includes strong sexual themes and language.