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Pure Textuality PR Blog Tour for True To You by Jennifer Ryan

A Montana Man risks everything for the woman he loves . . .

Undercover DEA Special Agent Dawson King spent five months in a Montana prison establishing a fake identity to take down a ruthless drug dealer and put him behind bars. Except there’s a wild card . . . the killer’s beloved daughter. Cara Potter may appear to be on the right side of the law, but King has learned the hard way to trust no one—even someone as tantalizing as the coffee shop owner. She’s irresistible . . . but is she also dangerous?
From the moment he enters her life, King makes Cara . . . nervous. The handsome drifter says he wants to get his life together . . . but there is something about him that doesn’t quite ring true. Cara wants to believe in him, yet she holds back despite the way he awakens dormant dreams and leaves her breathless with his sexy smile, steamy kisses, his every touch.
When the explosive truth comes out and she’s betrayed by the ones she loves, Cara must decide—can she trust her heart, or should she listen to her head?

True To You
by Jennifer Ryan
Montana Heat
Contemporary Romance
Avon Books
Publication Date
February 27, 2018


For the first time in a long time, Cara turned and went after what she wanted and believed with her whole heart that whatever happened was worth it, because letting this feeling go would be a loss she couldn’t live with and not regret the rest of her life. Her heart couldn’t shut off the dreams and possibilities she’d longed for once, lost, but wanted again. With Flash.
She stood in front of his door, stared at the grain in the wood, and sucked in a breath, found her courage, held up her hand to knock, but gasped and stepped back when Flash shoved the barn door aside and held a gun in her face. Again.
He immediately dropped it to his side and raked his free hand over his head. “Cara.” Her name came out on a relieved sigh that held an apology for pointing a gun at her for the second time in an hour. The relief turned to frustration. “What are you doing here? Go home.”
She dismissed the fact he opened the door armed, that he tried to send her away, his bare chest, even though she couldn’t stop staring at the wall of sculpted muscle, and unearthed the desire she’d buried long ago and unleashed it on him.
She closed the distance, went up on tiptoe, wrapped her arms around his neck, and locked her lips over his. Her body molded to his the second his arms wrapped around her and his hand landed on her ass. His fingers curled over the swell of her bottom and gripped tight, pulling her closer.
That spark between them flared to life as they kissed, his tongue sliding along hers. The ball of heat she carried low in her belly since she met him exploded through her system with every tempting taste of him. She wanted more and slid her fingers through his hair, held him close, angled her head to take the kiss deeper and gave herself over to him.
The flames flashed out the second he pushed her away and ordered, “Leave. Now.” He took two steps back, leaving her to catch her balance as he pulled his hands away from her shoulders. “Please.” The word came out strangled and forced from his throat.
She stared at him, wondering what she’d done. “What’s wrong?”
“This.” He held his hands out, realized he still had the gun in his hand, and tossed it onto the perfectly made bed. All she wanted to do was mess it up with him. She wanted him to let loose his reservations and kiss her again, because when they kissed nothing else mattered but the way they made each other feel.
“How can something that feels so right be wrong?” She didn’t get it. She didn’t understand why he’d kiss her the way he did, the way he wanted to kiss her, and say it was wrong.
The frustration in his eyes and the firm set of his lips came out in the angry swipe of his hand through his hair. “Damnit, Cara. This can’t happen.”
“Why? You want it. I want it. If we’re both willing…” She held her hands up in front of her like holding up an offering.
“I’m trying to spare you.”
That got her attention. She dropped her hands, cocked her head, and looked him dead in the eye. “What does that mean?” Because if he was sparing her a night in his arms, in his bed, and a chance to feel something as real as what she felt between them, she didn’t want or need his sacrifice. She just needed him.
“I’m not staying. As soon as I finish what I came here to do, I’m leaving. That hasn’t changed. It won’t change.”
Her heart cracked, the pain an echo of past hurts, but it didn’t change the fact that she wanted this. She would take tonight, however many nights Flash gave her, and be grateful for them, knowing that right now he wanted this as much as she did, but gave her the chance to back out and save her the pain and heartbreak she’d feel when he left.
She turned and went to the open door, feeling Flash stiffen behind her, hold his breath, and stare at her back everything in him wanting to call her back. That’s how close she felt to him, close enough to understand all he felt and feel it herself.
So she closed the door and turned back to him, knowing going in that this wasn’t forever but right now. Dreams of the future were wishes that may never come true, but right here, right now, she stood before a man she could have all those dreams with for tonight.
Moments like this were rare and sometimes never happened. She wouldn’t walk out on it because she couldn’t keep it. Instead she’d hold on to it, cupped in her hands like the precious gift it was and know that one day, maybe tomorrow, she’d have to let it go but it would always be a memory to savor, a piece of her heart that would remind her, once, she was loved.
Maybe not the forever kind of love she wanted, but loved enough to be told the truth.

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Tour Wide Giveaway

To celebrate the release of TRUE TO YOU, we’re giving away two paperback copies of ESCAPE TO YOU by Jennifer Ryan!
GIVEAWAY TERMS & CONDITIONS:  Open to US shipping addresses only. Two winners will each receive a paperback copy of Montana Heat: Escape To You by Jennifer Ryan.  This giveaway is administered by Pure Textuality PR on behalf of Avon Romance.  Giveaway ends 3/9/2018 @ 11:59pm EST. Avon Romance will send the winning copies out to the winner directly. Limit one entry per reader and mailing address.  Duplicates will be deleted.  CLICK HERE TO ENTER!

About Jennifer Ryan

Jennifer Ryan is the New York Times & USA Today bestselling author of The Hunted, McBride, and Montana Men series. She writes suspenseful contemporary romances with outrageous plot twists, deeply emotional love stories, high stakes and higher drama. Her stories are filled with love, family, friendship, and the happily-ever- after we all hope to find. Jennifer lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and three children. When she finally leaves those fictional worlds, you’ll find her in the garden, playing in the dirt and daydreaming about people who live only in her head, until she puts them on paper.

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February 28, 2018 New Releases

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Pure Textuality PR Blog Tour for My Once And Future Duke by Caroline Linden

What happens at the infamous Vega Club . . .

Sophie Campbell is determined to be mistress of her own fate. Surviving on her skill at cards, she never risks what she can’t afford to lose. Yet when the Duke of Ware proposes a scandalous wager that’s too extravagant to refuse, she can’t resist. If she wins, she’ll get five thousand pounds, enough to secure her independence forever. 

Stays at the Vega Club . . .

Jack Lindeville, Duke of Ware, tells himself he’s at the Vega Club merely to save his reckless brother from losing everything, but he knows it’s a lie. He can’t keep his eyes off Sophie, and to get her he breaks his ironclad rule against gambling. If he wins, he wants her—for a week.

Until now.

A week with Jack could ruin what’s left of Sophie’s reputation. It might even cost her her heart. But when it comes to love, all bets are off . . .


“Why did you propose that wager?”

He leaned forward, elbows on his knees, and looked down at her. His golden hair was rumpled into waves that made her long to smooth it. “Haven’t you guessed?”

She angled her face toward him. “Tell me. I’m no good at guessing.”

He let out his breath, his eyes shadowed, and then he bent and kissed her. His mouth was soft against hers, a gentle hint of a kiss rather than a real one. A soft sound of pleasure hummed in her throat.

The duke lifted his head. For a moment they stared at each other. “Is that all?” Sophie whispered, belatedly realizing how her heart was thudding. “All you want?”

“No.” He traced one finger, as lightly as a feather, down her throat. A shiver rippled over her skin. “Not by a tenth.”

“Show me,” she whispered. “Please.”

My Once And Future Duke
by Caroline Linden
The Wagers of Sin
Historical Romance
Avon Books
Publication Date
February 27, 2018

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Tour Wide Giveaway

To celebrate the release of MY ONCE AND FUTURE DUKE, we’re giving away five paperback sets of WHAT A WOMAN NEEDS and WHAT A GENTLEMAN WANTS by Caroline Linden!
GIVEAWAY TERMS & CONDITIONS:  Open to US shipping addresses only. Five winners will each receive a paperback set of What a Woman Needs and What a Gentleman Wants by Caroline Linden.  This giveaway is administered by Pure Textuality PR on behalf of Avon Romance.  Giveaway ends 3/9/2018 @ 11:59pm EST. Avon Romance will send the winning copies out to the winner directly. Limit one entry per reader and mailing address.  Duplicates will be deleted.  CLICK HERE TO ENTER!

About Caroline Linden

Caroline Linden was born a reader, not a writer. She earned a math degree from Harvard University and wrote computer code before discovering that writing fiction was far more fun. Since then, the Boston Red Sox have won the World Series three times, which is not related but still worth mentioning. Her books have been translated into seventeen languages, and have won the NEC-RWA Reader’s Choice Award, the Daphne du Maurier Award, the NJRW Golden Leaf Award, and RWA’s RITA Award. She lives in New England.

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February 27, 2018 New Releases

Monday, February 26, 2018

Pure Textuality PR Sales Blitz for Blood Destiny Boxed Set by Connie Suttle

This is the complete set of ten books in the Blood Destiny Series by Connie Suttle. At a once-in-a-lifetime price of $1.99 (February 26th only), this would be an excellent time to add the boxed set to your collection, or give to family and friends for the holidays.

Lissa’s life as a vampire begins on the day her husband is removed from life support. Turned by rogues who wager her life, Lissa is running from her maker who is determined to kill her, hunted by the Council, who has branded her a rogue and blackmailed by werewolves, who utilize her newly-developed talents for their own gain.

About the Book

Blood Destiny Series Boxed Set
by Connie Suttle

Blood Destiny Books 1-10 (Complete Series)

Urban Fantasy


Publication Date
October 25, 2017

Purchase Links

About Connie Suttle

Connie Suttle is the author of the Blood Destiny series, the Legend of the Ir’Indicti series, the High Demon Series, the God Wars series and the Saa Thalarr series. Other titles are scheduled for release very soon.
Connie earned her MFA from the University of Oklahoma and has taught courses at the university level. Reading (and writing) have been a constant throughout her life.
The author lives in Oklahoma with her patient, long-suffering husband and three cats. Obviously, the cats are not so long-suffering and are certainly not patient.

Connie’s Links

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Pure Textuality PR Blog Tour for Lady Be Reckless by Megan Frampton

Lady Be Reckless
by Megan Frampton
The Duke’s Daughters
Historical Romance
Avon Books
Publication Date
February 27, 2018

The Duke’s five daughters have beauty, breeding, and impeccable reputations.

Or at least, they did.

Now that two have chosen to follow their hearts, can the others be far behind…?

Lady Olivia refuses to repeat her siblings’ scandalous mistakes. Instead, she will marry the lord rejected by her sister and help with his good works. When he resists, Olivia forms another plan: win his lordship’s admiration by helping his illegitimate best friend find a bride. How difficult can it be to transform the rakish Edward Wolcott into a gentleman? To ignore his virile good looks? To not kiss him in a moment of impulsive madness? Apparently, very difficult indeed.

Edward Wolcott promised his ailing father he would marry well. It’s a challenging task, but Lady Olivia will not be deterred. The sparkling firebrand intends to smooth his way through London’s ballrooms and parlors, while all Edward’s thoughts suddenly revolve around bedrooms…and Lady Olivia herself. Only a scoundrel would seduce the duke’s most dutiful daughter. And only a truly reckless lady would risk everything to be in his arms…


“. . . Bennett.”
His eyes widened at her use of his first name, and he blinked a few times. Overcome by his emotions, perhaps? She smiled reassuringly. “We feel the same way about so many things.” She put her hand on his sleeve. His gaze went to where her hand lay, and she wished she was daring enough to run the fingers of her other hand through his hair. She wasn’t, not yet. Perhaps later, after everything was settled.
“And since we are of much the same mind, I know that it only makes sense for us to get married. So we can finally be together.” She exhaled. “There. I’ve finally said it.” And she tilted her face up so he could kiss her.
And edged forward, since it seemed that he wasn’t going to. Perhaps he was unsure if a kiss would be welcome? She should let him know it would be perfectly welcome.
“You may kiss me, if you like. Since we are now betrothed.”
He still did not kiss her, and she felt a pang of regret. Instead, he closed his eyes and leaned his head back so that even if she wished to initiate a kiss, she couldn’t. He was too tall, and now his mouth was too far away from hers.
A slow uncomfortable feeling began to unravel inside her, and she felt her breath hitch.
“I am aware of the great honor you do me, Lady Olivia,” he said, his eyes still closed. Then he opened them, and she wanted to leap back at what she saw in his gaze. Was it possible he did not love her? “But I do not regard you in that way, and I think it best if we forget this conversation ever happened.”
Olivia froze for a moment as she absorbed the words. And then felt her face blaze as fiercely as any fire she’d ever encountered. “You do not regard me in that way?” she repeated, hearing the words fall out of her mouth even though she didn’t think she could speak. “You’re saying you are not in love with me?”
She snatched her hand off his sleeve and dropped it behind her back, her fingers wiggling in the air as though trying to find purchase. Because it felt as though she were falling off a very high cliff. “Not in love with me?” she said again, wishing he would step forward and take her in his arms and say it was all a mistake, he was testing her, but knowing it wouldn’t.
“Oh,” she said in a soft voice, looking anywhere but at him. “I’ve just thrown myself at you, and now it seems you don’t feel the same way.” Something caught her eye and she walked forward, past him, to snatch it up from the small table. It was a dome encasing a small yellow flower, one of those ornamental things everybody had as part
of their everyday clutter.
This isn’t you, a voice said in her head. This isn’t who you are, or who you want to be.
But she couldn’t keep herself from curling her fingers around it, feeling the cool glass on her palm. Knowing she could throw it if she wanted to. Which she very much did. This, at least, she could do. She could control her actions now, even if she couldn’t control his. She’d just thrown herself at him? She could throw other things too.
She raised the dome over her head, all of her pent-up emotion channeling itself through her upraised arm, flinging it toward the opposite wall, not close enough to possibly hit him, but startling nonetheless.
The object shattered into pieces, the noise of the impact the only sound in the room. It wasn’t loud enough to cause anyone to notice, not with the band continuing to play in the ballroom as though hearts weren’t currently being broken.
“Olivia, you should consider,” he began, but she shook her head before he could get more words out.
“Get out.” She spoke in a low tone, because if she raised her voice she would scream, and she couldn’t cause that kind of scene, not as one of the duke’s daughters, who already had a penchant for causing trouble. Not to mention it would be horribly embarrassing. Yes, Lady Olivia was proposing to me, and I was rejecting her, and then she threw a decorative object at my head. If he said anything about it at all, which she knew as a gentleman he would not.
“Get out,” she repeated in a stronger voice this time.
Something in her expression must have told him not to press the issue, because he shook his head and walked past her and back out into the ballroom, closing the door behind him.
Leaving her alone with her thoughts and her humiliation.
She took a deep breath and withdrew her handkerchief from her pocket, preparing herself for an epic cry.
“Pardon me,” a deep voice said from the depths of the sofa opposite, “but I think it is probably best that I make my departure as well.”
Olivia’s mouth opened in shock as a man—a tall, perfectly dressed, and remarkably handsome man—emerged from behind the sofa, his hair disheveled. He offered her a sly grin and she felt all of her ire direct itself onto this stranger who’d had the effrontery to listen to her make a fool of herself.
“And who are you?” she replied haughtily, taking refuge in her bred-to-the-bone aristocratic manner.
He spread his arms and made a low bow. “I am Mr. Edward Wolcott, at your service,” he replied in an amused tone.
“Oh!” she said in recognition. “The bast—” She began, then put her hand to her open mouth.
His smile halted and the look in his eyes got fierce. “Yes, my lady. The bastard.”

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Tour Wide Giveaway

To celebrate the release of LADY BE RECKLESS, we’re giving away one paperback set of LADY BE BAD and LADY BE RECKLESS by Megan Frampton!
GIVEAWAY TERMS & CONDITIONS:  Open to US shipping addresses only. One winner will receive a paperback set of Lady Be Bad and Lady Be Reckless by Megan Frampton.  This giveaway is administered by Pure Textuality PR on behalf of Avon Romance.  Giveaway ends 3/9/2018 @ 11:59pm EST. Avon Romance will send the winning copies out to the winner directly. Limit one entry per reader and mailing address.  Duplicates will be deleted.  CLICK HERE TO ENTER!

About Megan Frampton

Megan Frampton writes historical romance under her own name and romantic women’s fiction under the name Megan Caldwell. She likes the color black, gin, dark-haired British men, and huge earrings, not in that order. She lives in Brooklyn, New York, with her husband and son. 

Author Links

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February 26, 2018 New Releases