Saturday, March 31, 2018

Second Chances (When Seconds Count #1) by D. L. Roan

Heat Rating

I read this book back in 2014 and had every intention of republishing it long before now but with everything that happened it got lost in the disaster that became my families’ life. Thankfully this road trip has given me a lot of time to get lots done, and there is a lot of road when your cruising 101 to San Diego and then we were off to Kingman, Arizona to see my very excited mother-in-law. Now we are homeward bound and already passed through Vegas which only has 1 Dutch Bros ☹ and I successfully revamped two of my previously posted reviews that I pulled.

I didn’t really change anything in this review just some edits and add to that when I went looking for publishing info for Second Chances I noticed that the author had made changes to the cover and even to the title so stay tuned for a newer review later, I am curious about the possibility of any changes to actual story.

This the first book by D. L. Roan that has passed in front of me and have to say that I had to take breaks thinking that I didn't want to read it any more but found myself going back to it at every opportunity, I even read other books during my breaks. I think I need to those breaks to process the really, intense or heart rending scenes.

The author did a wonderful job of developing her characters and you can see the thought she put into her story line, I had a hard time not crying every time Claira wanted to or did. Yeah it had some hot sex scenes and all the other accoutrements that go with a ménage book, but it was not defined by those things but by the story line.

I would also like to say that I really like the way the author used words 'fucktard' and 'stupid fucker' were the perfect adjectives for the situations to which they were used.

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Book's Blurb
Do you love Ménage Romance? You can't miss Second Chances, a full length, unforgettable, ménage love story that will leave you breathless!!

Six years after the McLendon brothers lost their wife during the birth of their twins they are merely existing. Focused only on running their ranch and raising their boys, finding another woman to share their hearts with isn't even a dot on their map.....until Claira Robbins drops into their family like a baby bird falling from its nest.

She certainly ruffles more than a few feathers. Matt and Mason believe she is the one who will heal their hearts and family. Their older brother Grey? He plans to live the rest of his life comfortably numb from the neck down, even if it kills him...and it just might if Claira's lethal past catches up to her.

Can they convince Grey to let go of the past and give love a second chance? Or will his own haunting secret destroy what is left of their family for good?

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Dreams (Love Don't Come Easy #1) by Allyson Young

Heat Rating

At first, I wasn’t sure I liked Cassie because she really comes a crossed as a snivel butt whiner and to a degree she was when it came to her personal life but at least her professional life is on track. Then as she said hell no to the shoddy treatment she got from Tyler She slowly gained my respect and it grew with her continued no’s. However, I will admit to rooting for Tyler as well as the book continued.

I am really, curious about one thing though, what is Laurie’s story? I was hoping the Allyson Young was going to spill it but now I am hoping she plans to share it in a book about Laurie’s story, because I am positive it will be an entertaining and heartbreaking tail.

Dreams story line was well written, and one scene flowed smoothly into the next with little or no hiccups that are usually caused by missed edits. The title, Dreams, confounds me though because I don’t understand how it fits maybe the author will explain it someday because to me it doesn’t fit the story.

I found the best quotes in this book and I hope you find the time to read the book to see them in the full context they were written in so they will make sense. I can tell you they are in the same conversation between Cassie and Laurie and my favorite part of the whole book.

“You are so fucked tonight, Cassie,”—Laurie

“Well, someone should be,”—Cassie

Book Cover Rating
The cover at first glance fits the book but then I took a second look to rate the cover and the models themselves fit it the book but the cloths on the female model seem out of place from what Cassie would normally ware and it certainly does not match anything she did ware in the story. The background is also not a match for the story line so I am not sure what the publisher or the photographer where trying do but they could have done better.

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Book's Blurb
Cassie Forsythe despairs of ever meeting the man of her dreams. Short and voluptuous, men treat her like a little doll. She longs for a strong man to boss her in the bedroom while respecting her abilities outside of it—as she longs for a different career, one she abandoned when money was more important than dreams.

Love at first sight? Impossible. Except there’s no other explanation where this woman is concerned. Dom or not, his famed control means nothing compared to the way Cassandra makes Tyler Sholdice feel, despite his preference for short term relationships.

Overwhelmed, he withdraws from her and Cassie runs, horrified she’s scared another man away—this time a Dom! Tyler must win Cassie no matter the cost or effort. When he is willing to sub for her, she recognizes his true heart and her place in it.

Published December 23, 2013
Publisher Siren Publishing
Pages 74

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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Rogues (Wolves Among Us #3) by A. M. Reed

Heat Rating

Why is that I seem to be able to write when I am not at home lately. It seems like every time I write a review I am some where other then my home, weird. This time I am in the truck with my husband, who is driving obviously. We are on a week-long road trip with our first stop being Martinez, California so see our awesome granddaughter.

I am not sure Rogues is an accurate title for this book because Sally’s family is basically a pack unto themselves and they are not trouble makers. But then, a lot books started out with a loner stopping in some location for one reason or another and maybe the author felt her characters were more rogue or maybe the characters felt like they were rogues when they were in the authors head, who knows.

Sally’s family has a distrust of packs after what happened with their original pack which is reasonable but I think the excessive distrust of the new pack willing to take them in and accept them is more about how bitter her father is for his loss of position in a pack. I found it sad that he would sacrifice his daughter’s happiness for his own desire to avoid another pack, which had me wondering if part of his issue was that he was ashamed of himself for the expulsion from the other packs. I really liked Kaegan and his pack, I found them to be tolerant and willing to accept people at face value, even as Sally’s dad tested their patience.

The last A. M. Reed book I read felt incomplete like there was more to tell, thankfully, Rogues didn’t leave me feeling this way. In fact, it had me bummed when it ended because it was good enough that I didn’t want to put it down or stop reading even if the story did come to its conclusion.

Book Cover Rating
Hmmm…. I am staring at the cover and to be honest I like the bottom portion of the cover a lot better then the top portion, which seems a bit like overkill. I mean, one or the other would be fine but not both because it makes it seem like there are two stories with the way they are placed, instead just one story.

Book Blurb Rating
The blurb did help sell me on Rogues as much as the previous stories did, but I do think the description of what a rogue is was unnecessary. There were also a couple of grammatic errors but those are not enough to change my planned rating.

Book's Blurb
The word “rogue” is generally used to describe wolves that either broke away from their pack or were kicked out, and are now roaming around causing trouble. They are considered pests and, at times, extremely dangerous. Rogues usually are loners, occasionally grouping with other rogues in order to cause even more mayhem.

However, Sally’s family is forced into becoming rogues. After being kicked out of pack after pack for having a daughter born human, Sally’s sister Peyton, the Phillips family accepts their status as rogues and tries to live as peacefully as possible, as far away from other werewolves as possible.

When their car breaks down within a werewolf territory, all that flies out the window.

Kaegan, the Alpha claims Sally as his mate, shocking Sally and her entire family. After having so many bad experiences with Alphas, Sally is fearful of Kaegan. She’s not the only one with reservations, though. Her father is not happy about this development and is suspicious of Kaegan.

Will Sally and her family be able to accept Kaegan’s help when a new pack threatens their safety?

Published July 2013
Pages 122

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Sunday, March 18, 2018

I Don't Want To Lose You by A. B. Lee

Heat Rating

I originally wrote this review back in June of 2014, it had been among the many I had planned to revamp and update as I got better in saying what I wished to say. Plus, I really wanted to read it again. I had wanted my own format and not Goodreads, not that theirs is bad but I just wanted to do my own thing and I still post my reviews to Goodreads but I post them to my blog first.

The thing is so much has changed since I first posted this review and much of it saddens me because I was oblivious to the change. A. B. Lee is one of my favorite authors and I love reading her books and sharing them with everyone but apparently this book is no longer available on Amazon and as I explored further, it turns out that most if not all of A.B. Lee’s books are no longer available with the exception of the ones written with M. L. Brier.

A. B. Lee, I hope you will consider republishing your stories, they are worth reading and should be shared.

This is the second time I have read I Don’t Want To Lose You and I enjoyed it as much as I did the first. The erotic scenes were graphic enough I could almost see it in my head and I also thought that Annie's shock was well written, I was actually worried for her.

I do wish that the author had elaborated on Annie's past to further explain her distrust of men. Was she abused, rapped or cheated on? It just seems like missing piece to the story. This the reason for me giving on 4 stars.

I think it would be fun to see a story about Jazz someday, he had such a cool personality that it would be cool to see how he handled his own mate.

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Book's Blurb
When Connor discovers his mate, he finds a woman who is remote and distrustful of men and finds that wooing her isn't going to be as easy as he had hoped.

Annie's new in town and she isn't looking to make friends or find romance. An encounter with a man who is as dangerous as he is sexy leaves her with mixed feelings about Connor, but she is determined to keep her distance until fate steps in, or rather Connor's Beta, Jazz, and she finds that distance is the last thing she is going to get.

When Annie uncovers the shocking truth of what Connor is hiding, Connor fears that he has lost his mate forever.

Can Annie see past the wolf to the man or will he lose her?

Published 2013
Publisher A. B. Lee

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