Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Last Weekend

This is what I went and did instead of writing a review. I did however finally pick a book to read so a review is in the works.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

2018 Shanny's Run And Carlton Fun Days

Hey Everyone,

Shanny's Run/Walk is getting closer and we are looking forward to see old friends and making new ones this. 

We have the route mapped out!!!  :) 

There will be a Pancake Feed going on before, during and after the run for anyone who gets hungry. The Carlton Fun Days Parade will start at 10 am and from there please feel free to stay and explore the booths in the park and the great car show across the street from there. Then later in the day there will be a beer garden and live music.

To sign up to participate in the run or the car show please visit and click on Get Involved tab at the top of the page and select the events you would like to participate in and how to sign up.

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Sunday, May 13, 2018

The Tycoon's Misunderstood Bride by Elizabeth Lennox

Heat Rating

The Tycoon's Misunderstood Bride does not seem like the right title for this story. For one Emma is not misunderstood, she is abused, there is a difference. Her father set things up in the hopes that the abuse would continue well after his death by portraying her as something she was not. Jason’s choice to believe those lies know what kind of man Emma’s father was, is on him and does not make her misunderstood, it does make her ignored since Jason wouldn’t even really listen or believe until after he cashed in on her V-card.

The Tycoon's Misunderstood Bride starts out really slow and I was tempted on numerous occasions to skip ahead, which I did just to see if the story picked up at all. At this point I am of a mind that no book should ever start off at a funeral. I am rather surprised that I read the book from start to finish.

The Tycoon's Misunderstood Bride reminded me of another book of a similar nature, called Unwanted Wife by Natasha Anders. I loved Unwanted Wife but I am having trouble deciding what if anything I liked about this story. Don’t get me wrong, I love Elizabeth Lennox’s other books but for what ever reason this one left me wanting. Unwanted Wife left me in tears on more than one occasion while The Tycoon's Misunderstood Bride just left feeling nothing but eager to get through so I can find another book.

The story line itself was just okay at best but when you throw in the edits, the gender confusion involving Jason and inconsistencies it really left me cold and the only thing left is to give The Tycoon's Misunderstood Bride a one-star rating which is truly sad given how much I like other Elizabeth Lennox stories.

Book Cover Rating
The cover does imply steamy bits but there wasn’t much steam to justify such a cover.

Book Blurb Rating
The blurb definitely makes The Tycoon's Misunderstood Bride sound better than it really is.

Book's Blurb
Emotionally abused all her life by a domineering father, Emma thought she might have a shot at happiness after his death. But then she heard the terms of his will! She must marry Jason Montenegro and give birth to a son. Only then would he give her the location of her mother – a woman who Emma thought had abandoned her at the age of five, only to find out that she had been fighting for custody all these years. Jason was livid that Emma’s father had information about his past and wouldn’t divulge the answer until he married Emma – a woman whose reputation was worse than his own. And he had to produce a child with this woman? So be it! He’d do anything to get that information, even marry a woman who had apparently slept with any man that crossed her path.  But as he got to know the gentle beauty, he discovered that she was nothing like her father. She was kind and sweet, generous to a fault. And he was falling in love with his enemy’s daughter!

Published June 4, 2012
Publisher Elizabeth Lennox Books
Pages 169

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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Yeah for Saturday

Wow, the last few weeks I have been on the run, well actually life has been really busy since I started
Doug on the drive home from camping last weekend
the new job back in February. The last two weeks were the hardest because it felt like I wasn’t getting to bed until midnight and I barely had the energy to just turn on my computer to check our blogs.

Last weekend we went on an adventurous camping trip with my sister and her family.  Just to get there was a challenge the minute we brought our camper home from the farm. My husband found signs of unwanted squatters in the toy hauler, so there was the major cleaning extravaganza. My husband took on the challenge, while I did all the running to get what was needed to deter future squatters from trying to move in. It seemed like there was a new list of stuff that was needed and the laundry seemed never ending, between the toy hauler stuff and the daily laundry, I wasn’t sure we would be ready to go in time. Thankfully, I married a miracle worker.
Doug's turn to drive the side by side last weekend

This last week we had just as much going on in addition to hectic goings on at our day jobs, that by the time I got home I was too exhausted to even touch my laptop. Needless to say, I am grateful that we finally made it to Saturday and that my husband is currently driving us to Tillamook and from there to Lincoln City where the best crab shack in the state is located.    

In addition to my already crazy activity list, I have taken over some of the writing responsibilities for my husband’s blog so he has more time for creating art. I have also agreed to run the Facebook page for his art studio, which I hope to set up this weekend. So, between that and Shanny’s Run sites, I think I should be pretty busy most evenings for a while until things settle down to a regular routine.

I want to take some more writing classes and a few computer classes at some point but if I do I think I want to take them online. I think with how busy my life is daily, I think that would be the easiest way to get the job done as far as classes go.  
Trip exhausted from camping last weekend

I did finish a book a couple of weeks ago and will, with luck, have that review up this weekend baring any topsy turvy happenings. I did get my notes moved from my tablet to my laptop, so I am making progress. Now it’s just about putting my thoughts together, which is always an adventure. I think my biggest problem is deciding what I need to read next, which is a huge challenge with and ever-growing library and a huge reading list. So many books and so little time to get through them.

Happy Reading

First view of the ocean today

Our selfie of us with the ocean